How to Move Beyond Struggle!

  • The Journey Toward Emotional Intelligence

    In the depth of your emotions you will unearth your passion for life and be able to tap into the tremendous forces of creativity, healing, and willpower that lie there. In the depth of your emotions there is a love that has been lost, a love that contains the wisdom, compassion, and freedom of your Soul and Spirit. You can retrieve this lost love from the depth of your emotions and use it to heal and transform your life. As with so many of life’s most valuable skills we are not taught how to love in-depth, how to parent, or...

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  • Nature and Grace of Soul and Spirit!

    Nature and Grace of Soul and Spirit!

    The greatest mystery of life is found deep within each of us, in the sacred spiritual domain of your Soul and Spirit.  Most still don’t think of our spiritual natures as a living, breathing part of them.  It is within the spiritual domain where true power is born.   Almost every religion in our world has tried to contain the Soul and Spirit.  Most religions have meshed them together, basically saying they are the same.  Fortunately, our spiritual natures will not be denied, and most of humanity is beginning to awaken to this awesome inner power. The Soul and the...

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  • Daring to be Different!

    Daring to be Different!

    When our ego encounters difference, we either elevate it to a position of superiority, or we diminish it to a position of inferiority. We think we are either “better than” or “less than,” rather than merely different. The ego loves to categorize things as friend or enemy, either right or wrong and there isn’t much room for the in-between. 
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  • Are You Spiritually Empowered Person?

    The 10 Characteristics of a Spiritually Empowered PersonThe challenge we all face in the living of our lives is to understand ourselves. When you know yourself you'll discover within you the unstoppable power of creativity, love, and compassion that can lead us away from our egos and into a domain of personal peace.Being powerful has been distorted by the chauvinistic standards and the egos perception that power is outside of us not within. The unenlightened seeks power only in the forms of titles, job position, money, or education status. Genuine power comes from within. It's an expression of your Soul and Spirit. Power is your...

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  • Freedom Begins With Forgiveness

    Next, to love, forgiveness is the most misunderstood word in the human language. Forgiveness has been twisted by a lack of awareness as to how it functions. To forgive does not mean we must rejoin with our ex-lovers, free criminals from prisons, return to old jobs or anything else absurd. We are taught to believe that if we are to forgive the one who hurt us, it must manifest in some form of behavior, and it reflects weakness.  Forgiveness is a function of love. Love is for-giving. You seek to understand the negative impact of another person and then to...

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  • New Beginnings

    New Beginnings - Stepping into the Unknown!As each of us stands upon the beginning of the new year we have a choice to continue the same ole' same ole' or to take our lives to a new and empowered level. We either stand upon a 'brink' or on a "verge'. What will this new year be for you? If you're reading this most likely you're standing on the verge of a new way of being and abundant success.  It's been almost 20 years since the turn of the millennium and our world is not the same place it once was, are...

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