Daring to be Different

We are at a turning point in our world. The challenge to embrace difference is crucial for a rebirth of consciousness worldwide. Honoring differences begins by understanding and accepting our unique differences. If we are to create positive change and make a difference in the world, we must start with ourselves.

How different the world would be if everyone respected the simple truth that the only thing we all have in common is the fact that each of us is uniquely different. We’re all snowflakes. Self-awareness that leads to self-acceptance unlocks your difference.

There is a core memory in the depth of our consciousness that if you aren’t like the rest of the tribe, you may be expelled from the tribe. Hundreds of years ago that would surely mean death to be kicked out of your tribe. We learn never to rock the boat, to fit in and conform at all costs. However, that was hundreds of years ago, but our brains are still wired to fit in to survive.

It takes tremendous courage to be visible and express your uniqueness in the world. Instead of criticizing people who do this, we should honor and deeply respect them, even if we don't agree with their stance. Honoring the vulnerability of being yourself (different) and the courage it takes, is honorable and worthy of respect.

When the Ego Encounters Difference,
It Either Elevate it into a Position of Superiority,
or Diminishes it into a Position of Inferiority

Ego thinks its “better than” or “less than,” rather than uniquely different. The ego loves to categorize things to gain mental control and a sense of security. It functions in a black and white reality, you're either my friend or enemy, I'm either right or wrong, and there isn’t much room for the in-between. Life is mostly grey. The area in-between absolutes. 80% is grey and 20% is absolute, the good ole 80/20 rule applies here as well. (s) It's only low self-esteem that keeps us stuck and refusing to change. You can learn how to build solid self-esteem (Self-Esteem)

Be conscious of your judgments and begin to change your preconceived ideas and outdated beliefs so that the goodness and beauty of difference can prevail. Be willing to let go of your judgmental mindset. Judgement separates you from whatever you judge. "All women are..."  All Asians are..., etc." When I judge,  I slap a label and push this person away from me (mentally-emotionally) and lose the opportunity to know them better and perhaps miss the opportunity to change my mind about my preconceived notions.

Judgements lock up the heart and mind and imprisons us in loneliness. What I love most about California is that the majority of people here, not only respect difference, they CELEBRATE IT!
 When you drop the judgments you can set yourself free. Judgement is different than discernment. 

Being Different is the One Thing We All Have in Common.

There are hundreds of different languages in our world. Which one is better? They are merely different forms of communication that benefit different societies and cultures. Languages are unique, and none are superior to another. When you can feel the same way for all people who are different from you, then you have truly evolved.

To honor difference, we must be aware of our commonality. To feel the value of our uniqueness, we must also understand and experience our sameness. We have both qualities within us. Everyone felt the pain of being different in their childhood. It is a part of your spiritual journey. We are all made of the same Divine substance, Soul, and Spirit, but we express ourselves differently, to learn and grow. Even identical twins have different perceptions of their past. If everyone had a different history, then how do we relate to each other? The answer is found within our emotional natures.

Our emotions unify our differences. Emotionally everyone has felt pain, loneliness, love, joy, and peace. Because we know what it feels like to be hurt, we can easily relate to others’ pain. Emotion is the universal communication that unites us while still honoring our differences. Love is the greatest unifier of all -- a spiritual love that seeks to be understanding more than being understood is needed to allow difference.

Own the uniqueness of yourself and others. This will create a feeling of appreciation and value. Be curious versus critical of yourself and others. Focusing on value versus “better or less than” begins to build the dignity of difference. Search to find the value of different people and cultures rather than blindly judging them. Look for the truth that unifies difference.

Spiritual Arrogance is Perhaps the Most Destructive Force in the World

"My God is better than your God. Thus I have the authority to kill you if dare to believe differently than me." This has been the source of every war between nations throughout history. Ironically, we all come from the Divine.

Another paradox to face when resolving the dignity of difference is to reflect on how feeling different is both a source of your pain and a source of power. Rejecting your difference or accepting it leads to pain or empowerment. This exercise can help you resolve any conflicts in your consciousness around being different.

Journal: Go deep inside yourself and explore the depth of your difference. Write about it. Start with your childhood and then work your way to the present. How do you feel different today? Have you been able to transform the feeling of being different into a positive and empowering experience? Explore your feelings from all levels physical, sexual, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual.

The Divine (God-Goddess) has created us unique and the same. We all come from the same source. Like your siblings who all have the same parents. Yet, are extremely individual and unique. The water that makes up every unique snowflake is still essentially frozen water. Water has many expressions, ice, steam, water, vapor, mist, rain, sleet, hail, etc. Being both unique and the same challenge us to resolve this paradox by adding love, compassion, and understanding.

To make a difference, we must embrace our uniqueness and heal the fear and pain of being different. All great leaders who have made an enormous impact in the world chose to support and value their difference.

It is time for each of us to face our fears and to accept, honor, and value difference. Perhaps this is the essence of unconditional love, Divine love: Choosing to Support, Honor, Accept, Respect, and Experience (S.H.A.R.E.) the beauty of difference. The common challenge we all face is our need to embrace our differences and respect the differences of others. It is only through being different that we can honestly make a difference in the world.

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