Watch Video to Spark More Love into Your Life!

This short 5-minute video will help you deepen the love you know and become a more caring and compassionate person. More love in your life isn't about attracting a new relationship; it's about opening your heart to create greater balance and harmony and improve your life quality.

A Secret to Instantly Deepen Your Ability to Love

Soul-utions' Philosophy & Goal is to Empower Yourself and Create Greater Joy and Success.

Are You Ready to Transform Your Stress & Struggle into Greater Inner Strength?

Soul-utions teaches you how to remove your ego's blockages that keep you feeling separated from your inner power. You can learn the keys necessary to consciously connect with your Soul and Spirit and discover the secrets they offer to access your spiritual gifts.

Soul-utions' is NOT a Religion Made-up of Restrictive Rules or Righteous Dogma! 

Everyone is spiritual, everyone has a Soul and Spirit, and Soul-utions' helps you understand, connect, and turn your relationship with your Soul and Spirit into a partnership.

Do you desire to understand your life's purpose?
Are you ready to discover new and meaningful ways to connect with your inner strength?

As you awaken and remember, you can let go of your daily struggles and debilitating stress to develop a solid foundation of personal peace; that emerges from your inner strength and power.

My Purpose is to Remind You of the Truth of Who You Really Are. 

Michaiel teaches you in many formats from articles, online courses, his guided meditations. His goal is to help you relax your mind and tame your ego to gain greater clarity and access to the wisdom of your Soul, thus Soul-utions.

Explore your genuine nature with modern metaphysical teachings that can quickly shift and lift your entire life toward greater joy, success, and inner peace. 

Articles to Explore, Enlighten & Expand Your Mind & Soul

Principles of Soul-utions Philosophy

 Principles • Guidelines 1. Explore and Discover Your Inner Power of Soul and Spirit2. Have Determination to Always Seek Greater Freedom With Resp...

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What is Soul-utions Philosophy?

Soul-utions Spirituality follows these ten principles that lead people to greater personal empowerment and inner peace. The challenge we all face in the living of our lives is to understand ourselves and others and to discover our purpose in life. When we know ourselves, we'll discover that within each of us is the unstoppable power of creativity, love, and compassion that can lead us away from our egos and into a domain of personal empowerment, success, and inner peace.

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Soul-utions for Moving Beyond Stress & Struggle

Explore Soul-utions' Personal Empowerment Classes

You are more powerful than you know. You can learn to bring back balance and harmony within yourself to cultivate personal peace and create positive changes in your life. Together we can support each other in living your dreams.

This series of classes focuses on Developing Your Empowered Self. A series of recorded classes with guided meditations.

It's time, and you are ready to stand in your power and share your light with the world!

Online Course Available on 10/16/2020