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Exploring Soul-utions For Empowerment with Michaiel Patrick Bovenes

Soul-utions is on-going metaphysical, personal empowerment gathering that will help you remember the truth of who you really are a an enlightened spiritual being!

Our mind is the bridge between your life-force energy (Soul/Spirit) and your physical reality/body/well-being. To build a solid foundation and allow your life-force to connect more deeply with your body, it is to learn how to bring your mind into alignment. It's easy when you know the secrets of consciousness and how the mind works.

Learn to update your mind’s software!

Awaken your minds hidden magic to learn how to move beyond struggle and master the art of change: You will learn how to connect with your life-force energy to end old habits, negative patterns, and frustrating addictive behaviors by understanding the basic principles of the mind and your consciousness.

You'll learn fun and easy up-to-date methods to quickly reprogram your subconscious mind using today's technology alongside of the ancient pearls of wisdom of various metaphysical teachings that I've tested and are most effective in creating positive permanent change.