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Soul-utions: Mindfulness Meditation as Medicine

Welcome to Soul-utions Wellness and Personal Empowerment! Learn the mysteries of  your mind. Self-care is critical in having a truly successful life. We've all heard about BODY • MIND • SPIRIT, the MIND is in the middle because it links our BODY to our life force energy (SPIRIT).

Soul-utions' Wellness is devoted to helping you understand and harness the power of your mind to create positive changes in your life. Soul-utions demystifies many ancient teachings into practical step-by-step techniques and tips you can use today to start moving beyond struggle.

Explore our many personal empowerment articles, and online seminars on popular wellness topics. Michaiel's popular series of guided mindfulness meditations can help you to quickly deepen your connection with yourself while reducing the damage of stress and anxiety from your life. Meditation can help you experience greater joy, peace, love, and personal fulfillment in your life.

Michaiel shares his wisdom of 35+ years and provides you with an accelerate approach to explore the mysteries of your mind and begin a healing relationship with your Soul and Spirit. 

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