Let Go of Fears About the Future

One of the greatest obstacles we encounter is our natural instinctive fear of the future. Fear has been surging in our hearts and minds since 2020 began. 

What is the unknown? It's the future. Since C-19, it has increased a threat to our wellbeing with continual chaos and self-doubt, producing restlessness, anxiety, and turning many of our worlds upside-down.

You don't have to wait and see what your future will bring. Instead, you can learn how to shift and lift your fear into greater hope and freedom... today!

It has now become essential to decide what you will do with your fear of the future. Left unattended, it will influence what you attract and manifest. But, on the other hand, you can learn to transform its energy into a positive future to fulfill your dreams and desires. The choice is yours to make. Both futures exist for everyone, the nightmare, and the dream. Whichever you give your attention and energy to will be what manifests.

Fear has many positive purposes. For instance, fear slows us down, protecting us from harm. The shadow of love is the inherent fear of its losing it. Why? Because love matters and is valuable, it is the light that guides us back to our spiritual connection with the Divine. Love is your destiny, and it is who you are. 

The fear of love's loss adds greater value and meaning to the love we experience in our lives. The fear of losing love is common to every human being. It is in our DNA, our spiritual connection, and the essence of who we are. As spiritual beings, we are love made physically as an expression of the Divine.

Fear has many negative consequences as well. It imprisons us, blocking and interfering with so much of the joy and freedom available to us. Fear thrives on ignorance. Our ego will do everything to try and avoid and distract ourselves from fear. 

Our mind is well trained to move away from uncomfortable situations and try to find pleasure. Fear is uncomfortable. What keeps our fears growing is when we deny we even have it. We distract ourselves from it, avoid it at all costs.

Fear isn't negative in and of itself. But it's your relationship to fear that produces negativity. How you handle fear determines if it is positive or negative. When you ignore it, refuse to feel it, it can quickly paralyze you and hold you back from the joy of living life. 

However, if you recognize that you have fear, own it, and take your power (energy) back, it can not only change the future outcome. It changes how you feel in the present moment. To successfully do this, you must seek to understand your fear. The nature of love seeks to understand someone or something. As you try to understand your fears rather than being afraid of fear, you shed the light of love and understanding into your fear's energy, and it begins the transformation process.

In the face of fear, we often forget we always have a choice on how we will deal with it. Yet, being mindful of your choice is the core of accessing your inner power. 

Most people wait and see what the future holds (crossing their fingers and holding their breath). This comes from a belief that they are victims and not powerful enough to guide their futures in the direction they desire. Unfortunately, we all have been taught and conditioned to believe this from our childhood experiences.

An empowered person doesn't wait to see what the future holds. Instead, they open their hearts and focus their mind on a future vision and begin to imagine "what could go right." What future vision do you hold in your mind? Doom and gloom or hope and freedom? It's always a choice.

Suppose you don't have a clear vision. In that case, you'll most likely default to the anxiety of the unknown. Without a conscious relationship to your future, your fears will metastasize into full-blown panic. Again, this is because you can't control what's going on in the world around you, but you can control how you relate to your future. 

It is becoming vital to open to positive possibilities and begin dreaming-imagining and feeling the hope of a positive future that has found solutions to today's problems. For that is where all co-creation with the Divine and peace of mind begins.

Nothing exists in our world without originating in someone's imagination. Your imagination is the birthplace (womb) of everything that exists, physically. Think about it. The shirt you're wearing, the computer monitor or phone you're reading this on, had to be in the imagination of someone before it could be manifested. The same is true with your future potential. It always begins in your imagination. Refusing to imagine your future is a way to remain stuck, powerless, and frustrated.

Let's explore the nature of the future or unknown. Both positive and negative futures loom upon the horizon as possibilities waiting for you to make them an actuality. We are powerful beings. It's up to you to dismantle your potential negative futures and energize the positive ones to experience more hope in the present moment. 

Think about how much having something to look forward to changes how you feel instantly. For example, if you have a vacation planned for next week, it changes how you feel today—people without anything to look forward to often become depressed and riddled with anxiety.

Fear and what could go wrong are much easier to imagine for most people. It takes more effort to imagine a positive future. Our world is fixated on negativity, and most people attempt to avoid it at all costs. 

Unfortunately, avoidance doesn't resolve your negativity. It only augments it. The ego resists anything negative or unpleasant, erroneously thinking that leads to being a positive person. Avoidance is always a sign that fear has taken charge of our minds. The paradox of positive thinking is that it is often born of fear. The most positive action is to be brutally honest with yourself. If you're afraid, own it, and deal with it. Don't sugar-coat it to avoid the truth.

How to Love Your Fear of the Future

Love, on the other hand, pays attention to detail. Love seeks to understand. A person who pays attention and seeks to understand their fears can begin to change their future. It is only with love that you can spark hope and begin the transformation process. This approach genuinely resolves your fears of the future and can catapult your forward toward your empowered destiny.

How to Change the Course of Your Future 

Set your intention. 

I'm going to face my fears by feeling them consciously. Then, I will withdraw my mental energy and power back from my fears. I now choose to align with my inner power and my Soul's destiny- my future of love, healing, and success.

Write about your most negative and fearful future. 

Take some time to write down the most hideous and negative future experiences you can imagine happening on paper. Then, think about what are your greatest fears of the future? What adverse events could happen to you? (i.e., Homelessness, cancer, betrayal, abandonment, divorce, humiliation). Then, decide to stop terrorizing yourself with your fear-based, doom, and gloom vision and decide to change it today. 

When you refuse to feel your fear, ignoring or distracting yourself with addictive responses will increase your anxiety levels. Instead, decide to face your fear by bringing it into your awareness, feeling it, and then making a new free-willed choice. This is critical to do, and it gives your subconscious mind instructions. You've got to admit and respond to your fears to transform them. Denying and ignoring fear only keeps them growing in the recesses of your subconscious mind.

It's uncomfortable as hell to feel and do this writing exercise. Still, it's necessary to successfully release the build-up of repressed negative energy that feeds your current fears. Essentially, you're making a new choice NOT to attract and create a future reality that forces you to feel it. 

Remember, what you can feel, you can heal. When we don't feel it, we attract negativity in our lives that forces us to feel our fears. Your destiny is to become empowered and live with personal peace, not fear and powerlessness. Your Soul will help you through the process when you ask for help.

Write about your positive, hopeful future. 

This is when the emotional energy begins to shift to a lighter, more empowered position. Expand possibilities to what can go right. Also, write about your personal and private dreams? What is the most positive future you can imagine for yourself? 

Expand the possibilities in your imagination, giving your attention and energy to a positive future. How could greater love come into your life, and what form will it take? Think about creating more joy, peace, inner strength, and success in your life. What new relationships will you have? Career? Financial security? Spiritual connection and fulfillment? Open your mind and dream of the possibilities.

How to shift from a negative to a positive future. 

This next step is a meditative prayer technique. Begin by praying to your Spiritual connection (God, Jesus, Mary, Buddha, Soul-Spirit, Angels, etc.) Ask for their help to miraculously transform and release any fear trapped in your mind that is currently attracting any potential negative future in your life. 

Keep your eyes closed, relax, and breathe. Breathe out (exhale) the darkness of fear/anxiety for a few minutes. Sense it in your imagination like dark foggy breathe as you exhale. A few minutes later, start to imagine you are breathing in the energy of hope and peace (light). Continue breathing deeply for 3-5 minutes. 

Next, imagine a dimly lit bubble hovering in front of you but out in the distance. It will appear like a giant sphere and hold all of the negative energy of your fears. Look inside and imagine your worst fears happening and everything going wrong. Feel the anxiety, fear, and even panic. Feel the sorrow and pain. What you can feel, you can heal. Get involved emotionally, and when you can't stand feeling it anymore; Shout out loud, "NO!!! I REFUSE TO ALLOW THIS FUTURE TO HAPPEN TO ME! I AM NOW TAKING MY POWER BACK FROM MY FEAR."

 Imagine the future growing weaker and falling apart. 
You have dismantled the foundation of energy in your mind. So it begins weakening and dissipating. The conscious free-willed choice is the initiator of all positive change. When you consciously take your power (energy) back from the negative, you begin to reinforce the positive future by giving it the same energy you were feeding to your fears. Energy is neutral, and it's what you pay attention to that feeds it more of your energy. So you're switching your desire to experience a positive versus negative future. You may have never realized you can influence it by shifting your attention from fear into hope.

 Empower your positive future. 
While still relaxing, imagine you are destroying that dark bubble (having retrieved your energy/power from it). Bust it into a million pieces and watch it dissolve. Feel the release in your mind.

The next step is to discover a new shimmering bubble filled with light, joy, and hope for your positive destiny. Imagine yourself inside of this peaceful bubble and sense the most beautiful, successful, positive, healthy, and loving future you can muster in your mind. Imagine you have resolved all of your adverse problems and are joyously living your dreams. You don't have to visualize all of the details. But you do need to feel it, let it into your mind to fully connect with the energy of this future.

 Connect with your future self. Imagine within this beautiful, peaceful space (bubble) and imagine your future self. Imagine how you like to BE in the future; loving, confident, trusting, abundant, happy, joyful, and healthy. You don't need to know all the details of what you will be "Doing"; instead, focus on your "Being." I want to BE happy, free, empowered, and vibrant. Let your Soul handle the details of what you'll be doing to get there. You can add a few things you'd like to see yourself doing in this future, but don't get fixated on it.

Each night, while in bed, imagine your Soul and empowered future self, helping you create the future you want to manifest. With this technique, you can actively engage how your future is going to unfold. You can do this by simply saying a quick prayer and imagining yourself surrounded by the positive bubble of light as you drift off to sleep, knowing you're Soul is aligning you to the brightest future of your destiny.

A positive (empowered) AND a negative (disempowered) future, will always be a possibility while living in a world of duality. We need the opposite to make a conscious, free-will choice. Using this technique will help you choose the positive, unplug the negative, and communicate your intention and desire for the future you will create and experience with your mind and Soul. Even in the darkest circumstances, the choice is always available. This exercise generates powerful changes and resolves your fear of the future once and for all!

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