Dialogs of Dignity: Evolve Communication

Dialogue is a dance. Learning the art of dialogue is mustering the courage to connect with the intention of resolution (not necessarily agreement) between two different mindsets, beliefs, and opinions. Without dialogue, we often end up stuck in the domination of dogma. That old map has been made. We can deepen and improve our conversations when we move out of dogma, and it needs to be right. Dialogues that allow people to grow, evolve and become more.

Communication is essential in all healthy relationships. So let’s explore dialoguing with dignity to create a new map and help bring greater peace and harmony in the world.

I looked up the meaning of dialogue in the dictionary this morning after a powerful interaction with a friend. After reading it, I decided it was too brittle and dry. So I developed a more metaphysical description of dialogue.

Dialogue is a conversation between two or more persons with a desire to understand each other's unique viewpoints. It is an exchange of ideas or opinions on a particular topic or issue. A genuine dialogue intends to reach an amicable understanding, agreement, resolution, or common ground. 

Below are some helpful ways to improve your communication skills. As you implement these suggestions you can create a whole new level of connection with others and improve all of your relationships in life.


D - Dedication to Dominion vs. Domination
Dominion is a belief that the world is a friendly place there to support you (and your conversations). Let go of control. Let the conversation carry you toward deeper understanding and connection with the other person; make that your focus versus being right. Open to the possibility of being loved even if you have different opinions. 

I - Intention
Set the intention to create understanding. I want this conversation to bring us closer and become more connected through seeing each other's perspectives. Consciously set your intention for the outcome of your conversation. For example, "I want this interaction to bring closure." 

A - Attention
Love always pays attention to the details. Responsible listening is the act of offering your full attention. Look the person in the eyes if possible. Attention is also psychic energy that connects you to each other. When you withdraw attention, people can sense it with their unfamiliar senses. Don't let distractions interfere.

L - Listen With Love
Love pays attention to detail and seeks to be understanding more than understood. It begins with caring. Care enough to open your heart to listen beyond just hearing the other person. Let your love flow freely. To connect, focus on opening your heart to caring and compassion. Caring opens the heart to love and understanding.

O - Open to Others' Opinions
Be open to new possibilities. Don't project the past, have humility. What did I learn from this person? Let go of outdated resistance and ego defensiveness. There is no defense for the truth. Be open and share your truth and be open to the truth of others.

G - Giving With Gratitude
Be appreciative. Giving your appreciation to others is a sure fire way to deepen your connections and to create value. Be grateful knowing that both of you will become more after having a meaningful dialogue with dignity. 

U - Understanding
Seek to understand the person emotionally as well as intellectually. How do they feel about what they are sharing with you? Communication is offering your intellectual opinions with emotional depth and honesty. It's about forming a connection through conversation.

E - Evolve
Let the conversation expand your thinking and opinions. What did you learn about this person? What did you learn about your perspective, and does it need to shift, evolve and change? How can we both become more from participating in this conversation?

I hope this map helps you to learn to dance with dialoguing more consciously. As a result, you can deepen your connection with others and improve all conversations and relationships. Dialogues are needed in our world be the maverick and create conversations that matter.

Author: Michaiel Patrick Bovenes


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