7 of the Most Common Causes of Anxiety

Anxiety is one or a combination of the following seven components. These will produce anxiety in your consciousness and in your body/mind connection.

1.  Unidentified and repressed emotions. When you have not identified your emotions and have repressed them, you will start feeling anxious. 

2.  The anticipation of rejection, humiliation, abandonment or betrayal.

3.  Attempting to trust people who are not trustworthy. 

4.  Experiencing excessive happiness, success, and freedom in your life. 
When people have a wave of continual happiness occurring day after day and they are feeling higher levels of personal freedom; anxiety can start to grow quickly. People often think, "When is the other shoe going to drop? When is the crap going to hit the fan?" They start to fear their happiness and success and become anxious when too much happiness, success, and freedom is happening in their lives. 

5.  Anxiety comes from being the source of other people's jealousy and envy. When other people feel jealousy and envy toward you, those people eventually will want to pull you down and punish you on some level. That produces anxiety. 

6.  Anticipating a negative future of failure, fear, and pain. Anticipating and expecting a negative future will create anxiety in you today.
7.  Unidentified truth: believing the lie that you are not good enough. When you have that old operating system from childhood in your consciousness, in your belief system, that somehow, you're not good enough, you're always going to feel a low-grade level of anxiety that someone's going to find out.
Those are the seven most common sources of anxiety. Beyond contributing to the development of anxiety, emotional repression also creates a plethora of negativity in our lives. Feelings of meaninglessness, depression, confusion, panic attacks, despair, rage, lethargy, procrastination, phobias, powerlessness, and addictions can all stem from repressed emotions.

This article I wrote: Get Unstuck can help you to understand your anxiety and learn how to escape its prison. It's worth a read.

I'm convinced that repressed emotions create an internal environment that causes insomnia, hypothyroid, back pain, chronic fatigue, arthritis, cancer, etc. Most major physical ailments are rooted in unexpressed emotion.

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