"Michaiel's presence in the world
demonstrates the lost art of
compassion with its profound wisdom."

- Michael Cronin, (Spiritual Healing Mentor 1983)


"Michaiel is an amazing spiritual teacher his wisdom always exceeds my expectations. Every time I hear a Soul-utions topic that he’s presenting (similar to a course I’ve taken before from another teacher) his material is always new, fresh, and empowering. He explains metaphysical concepts with such grace and wisdom that helps me fill in the gaps in my own understanding. I always experience a couple of ‘ah-ha!’ moments during his classes." 

Cheryl Coleman
(Student of Insight Timer Classes)


"Michaiel has a gift of clear communication which is able to reach the individual at
their level of understanding. It's not everyone who can speak
to the newcomer AND the 'seasoned student' at the same time!"

- Anne-Marie Acacio, (Unity Center Director) 

"Michaiel is a very gifted and inspired speaker who breaks down metaphysical spirituality in a way that any layperson can easily comprehend. I've been attending his "Soul-utions" classes now for nearly 6 months and have learned a great deal about "Living Life Without Struggle". His subject matter and topics change class by class and he always keeps you on your toes with creative ways of looking at life. I consider him one of my mentors in this life and will continue my personal journey with his sincerely passionate and positive guidance."

- Richie Pernia
(Student San Francisco, CA) 


"We've had Michaiel as a speaker on our Inner Voyage cruises for five years in a row.
He is definitely the "Soul-Man" on all of our cruises. He is very loved and well respected by everyone. Michael knows how to bring people together and inspire them
toward personal success, spiritual growth, and fulfillment!"

- Peter Einstein
(Executive Director of Inner Voyages)

"Michaiel spent a week at our spa resort teaching the principles of
'Overcoming Resistance to Change,' our clientele was very impressed
with his knowledge and practical applications they could use in making
the desired changes they came here to do." 

- Lisa-Jean Mullen,
(Regency Health Spa Director, Hallandale Beach FL)

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