New Beginnings - Embrace the Unknown!

When we face a personal crossroads in our lives, we have a choice to continue the same ole' same ole' or to take our lives to a new and empowered direction. We either stand upon a 'brink' or on a "verge'. What will these personal crossroads be for you? If you're reading this, most likely you're standing on the verge of a new way of being and abundant happiness and success.

Every fresh start is a journey into the unknown.
When we stand upon the threshold of a new year, we anticipate the twelve months that are about to unfold. The unknown of the future holds the potential of our greatest fears and deepest desires.

Many people approach the future as a powerless waiting game. 
Our future is always a direct reflection of the way we function in our daily lives today, right now.  Nothing changes in your life until you do. This is the key to understanding your power and ability to create the future rather than waiting to see what happens. When you begin taking action today, you can uncross your fingers and start breathing again. You'll come from a place of empowerment.

The real fear is that your future will be here and you are going to be responsible for how it turns out. At least in your own life. Will you create heaven or hell? It's not a place you'll go to one day, it's your current state of mind and the future you're heading towards.

It can be tempting to want to pretend you are powerless and some outside force is governing your life. I believe we each create our own reality and the future is going to come and it will be a direct reflection of the way we live our lives. Whether it is Fear-based (hell) or Freedom-based (heaven), it is always our choice to decide.

When I say, "You create your own reality," people quickly try to find an example of how they aren't. They'll say, I didn't create the cancer diagnosis." That is because of the  SAS (simple answer syndrome). Life is complex and so is the way we create our reality. 

You Create Your Reality in Three Ways:
1. Causing Setting goals, taking action and making things happen.

2. Allowing We allow things to happen by creating an emotional and mental environment with our attitudes, beliefs, thoughts, and feelings. This internal space creates vibration and attracts experiences, which appear to be happening without our knowledge.

3. Attraction The law of attraction is based upon your subconscious and unconscious mind and the emotional body that will attract into your life any and all emotions that are repressed.
Example: If a person spends their entire life judging anger and hurt and repressing these emotions versus dealing with them, they will create an environment of repressed emotions. This always lowers your life-force energy and health. It's like creating a greenhouse environment that has the perfect temperature, humidity, and light for cancer to grow. It doesn't mean it will happen to everyone who represses their emotions, but it creates the "recipe" in our energy field that can allow cancer to be made into a physical reality.

When I learned to repress my feelings as a defense mechanism years ago, I had no idea the long-term influence would be that I would become more susceptible to cancer and depression. So I ALLOWED this reality NOT by CAUSING it, but by creating an environment mentally-emotionally that could allow painful illnesses and depression to grow and manifest.  

You can change your mind and release those buried emotions. Update your 'operating system- your beliefs and attitudes, to create a different resonance where cancer and depression can't thrive.

We have each learned or at least heard that our greatest gift is free will.
Free will is our ability to choose. As we continue to evolve, we are faced with the responsibility of making more choices than ever before. Not choosing is a choice. It's a choice to let others decide for you and to allow reality to happen to you, or to continue what you've already set in motion. When we are not consciously choosing, we end up feeling disempowered. We are not powerless but we pretend we are.

Every major issue in the world from abortion, politics, corporate structure, finance, etc., is experiencing a crisis of chaos. All change produces chaos and these structures are in the midst of massive change, thus our world is extremely chaotic.

Many view chaos as only destructive. However, there is positive chaos as well. All change produces chaos, small changes (cleaning out your closet) to major changes (getting married or divorced) produce chaos. Positive and desired changes bring about Joy and enthusiasm both are a chaotic expression of happiness. 

Empowerment begins by awakening to the idea that choice is your real power and the key to create a positive future.

The world has defined power as money. The person, organization or country with the most significant wealth is considered most powerful. Let's look beyond the form of money to find its function. What does money give you? The answer is choice. That is why so many equate it with power.

For example, if you have $5 in your pocket, you have a limited number of restaurants you can go to for dinner tonight, however, if you have $500, you can choose to eat wherever you desire. You have expanded choices and greater opportunities.

Many people give away their power of choice to the green paper. "If only I had more money, I would...(fill in the blank)." Money is never the issue, the choice always is! If you struggle with money are you choosing to function from the attitude and belief that you are somehow 'Broke'? As long as you're able and willing to make new choices in your mind, you can set yourself free from any dire situation.

All new beginnings offer us the choice to redefine ourselves by the way we function in our lives. In the living of life, you may not always be able to choose what you do, but you can always choose the way you go about doing it. The way you live your life is the function of your being. Being open, honest and loving is never dependent upon outside circumstances and is always your choice to make.

Freedom is our Divine right; to either evolve and elevate our lives or to stagnate and diminish our lives. Are you choosing to be empowered or disempowered? Responsible or Irresponsible? Are you choosing to believe the world is out to get you or is a friendly place to live? Both worlds are available depending on your state of mind. 

4 Components of Your Being. The way you function in life. 

1. Motivation
2. Self-image (powerful or weak)
3. Emotional Maturity
4. Spirituality

The first component is your motivation. Why are you doing what you do? Are you motivated by your past or your future? Who you've been or who you can become? Evaluating your motivation is vital to change your state of being.

The second component is your self-image and your feelings. Do you see (imagine) yourself as a mature, responsible adult or an immature powerless victim? How you view yourself is the second component of your state of being. As you change your self-image, you will change your experience of life.

The third component is your state of emotional maturity. The way you feel about yourself and your life in general. Grateful or entitled? Angry-anxious or peaceful-happy? Your overall emotional composure will determine the way you function and the realities you attract and create in the future.

Your emotional nature is essential to feeling alive and connected to life.

It is the foundation of genuine communication. It's important to let yourself feel, express and release your emotions responsibly. Our emotions not only fuel all of our actions, but they also energize our aura and attract the experiences and events of our lives.

Fourth, your state of being is defined by your relationship with the Divine - your Spirituality. Whatever your concept of God is, you will become.  If your concept of God is about fear and judgment, then you will become judgmental and afraid. Likewise, if your idea of God is acceptance and love, then that will become your state of being and the way you live your life. As above, so below. Those are the four secrets that can allow you to stand upon the verge of magnificent success vs. tinkering on the brink of disaster.

The power of choice is based upon a simple truth, "No matter what you do, you can always make the choice of who you are going to be." Are you going to be a martyr and function with struggle? Or, will you choose to empower yourself and function with freedom and joy? These kinds of choices never rely upon physical circumstances or how much money you have. The more you consciously choose your state of being, the more powerful you will become and the faster your life will elevate you to the pinnacle of inner peace and outer success.

Ask yourself, "How have I functioned in the past?" Think about it and make a decision about the way you will function during this next year. Review your motivation, self-image, emotional well-being and your relationship with the Divine.

When you change at that level of your being, everything else changes with greater ease and elegance. If you begin a new year's resolution with a goal to exercise three times a week, and you function as a martyr, you will create a struggle around that new goal. Because that is what martyrs do, they operate from struggle to try and get pity from others. Guess how successful your exercise program will be? It will wear you down, and you will end up quitting or injuring yourself so you have a legitimate excuse to quit.

Soul-utions Challenge: Update the way you function from your state of being and see how powerful you really are. Who Am I going to Be Today?
Then prepare yourself to leap into the positive future of your dreams by deciding the way you are going to function in your future AND right now. That can be the key to open the door to the positive future you desire. You can then create heaven on earth and inspire others to change the way they live their lives and ultimately change the course of the future for our world. It is only a choice away!



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