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Building Inner Power:
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How to Make Trustworthy Decisions

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Get Unstuck: Free Yourself for Positive Changes

I'll be the first to admit it, I was a sensitive boy, and looking back on my childhood, I now know that what I thought was a 'defect' was actually a gift. 

In my teenage years, I learned to meditate, and it helped me get in touch with my feelings rather than avoiding them. But meditation is only what made me aware of the repressed anger, hurt, and shame I had hidden inside of my heart; it didn't resolve them. After many years of personal exploration and 25+ years of coaching folks on inner peace, I discovered the keys to building emotional intelligence that anyone can apply.

The majority of people are held prisoner by their emotions and are unaware that they are the root cause of our stress, personal suffering, and frustrations. Emotional repression is the source of most people's depression and anxiety. 

Emotional intelligence is something everyone can learn. It's the key to unlock personal empowerment and inner peace. When you are in touch with your emotions, you gain greater access to your creativity, healing, intuition, and ability to make trustworthy decisions. 

Emotions are the bridge between the physical and the spiritual. Experiencing emotional aliveness awakens your Soul's passion for life and accesses your untapped wisdom. These human strengths are hidden and unavailable to those who choose to ignore and repress their feelings. It's not your fault; we've been taught to do this since childhood.

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