Find Your Purpose & Ignite Your Passion

The path of your life's purpose has many unique characteristics. It often will trigger a sense of aliveness, joy, and freedom within your heart and mind. It surfaces in your mind as a continual wonder and curiosity, followed by an inner urge to pay attention to specific creative interests or fun ideas. Your purposeful passion is seductive and effortless to explore. It also triggers a deep desire that brings greater meaning to your daily experiences when you are following your path of passion and purpose.

Your true purpose offers you an unmistakable sense of joy, freedom, and hope. It lights you up inside and sparks a desire for more in-depth exploration into the unknown. When you align with your purpose, you connect with your Soul's creativity, intuition, and power. Your purpose is an expression of your Soul's passion. Your purpose is not your passion, but it triggers this rare, divine energy within you. It's always in alignment with your heart, not necessarily your head. Our logic and reason mind can sometimes interfere with our purpose if it's not immediately practical.

You draw inspiration, unstoppable energy, and hope from fulfilling your purpose in life. When making decisions throughout the day, keep in mind if they are in alignment with your purpose? Another way to say this, is which of these choices are triggering more of my curiosity and passion?

Functioning with purpose guides you toward your empowered destiny. Without purpose, people aimlessly wander and often end up in depression. We feel meaningless and begin questioning the purpose of our existence. Your purpose is a feeling in your heart, a knowingness that this is the right thing for me to do. Even when others don't quite understand your motivations or desires.

How do you align with your passion and purpose? Ask yourself the following questions.
• Who do I want to be in life? (Who do I admire and why?

• What are the activities that bring greater meaning to my life?

• What activities would I do for the pure joy it brings me?

Exploring these questions can help you to remember the passion of your Soul. The answers should ignite greater hope, inspiration, and joy within you. It all begins by becoming more conscious of this precious gift of your Soul's passion and allowing it to become a part of your daily life.

Recommended Guided Meditation:

Explore your Soul's Passion and Discover Your Purpose.
Into the Silence of Your Soul.

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