Soul-utions Inspirational Quotes

Michaiel's Words of Wisdom:

"A true Friend Feels Happy for your success and enjoyment of life, and an acquaintance feels jealous and envious.  Be happy for your friends and celebrate their successes."— Michaiel @ soul.utions

"Hope illuminates your mind with possibilities. Willpower brings the possible into the actual."— Michaiel @ soul.utions

"Character is the frequency to which you apply your principles  What are your principles? Honest, Love, trust and Appreciation."— Michaiel @ soul.utions

"Love is alive, it breathes. Sometimes love needs to embrace and sometimes love needs to let go."— Michaiel @ soul.utions

"Do something that challenges you this weekend that will make your Future Self proud."— Michaiel @ soul.utions

"There is a forgotten laughter that comes from your Soul. It is sourced in amusement, inspiration and joy. Today let your laughter be heard."— Michaiel @ soul.utions

"What’s the best way to prioritize success in your life? Always put people first and career/money second!"— Michaiel @ soul.utions

"Love seeks to pay attention and to be understanding. Fear seeks to ‘get’ attention and to be understood!"— Michaiel @ soul.utions

"Allow the Beauty of life to be appreciated and allow it to embrace you in its majesty."— Michaiel @ soul.utions

"There’s an Unstoppable Power Available to Everyone… the Power of Your Imagination! Use it wisely!— Michaiel @ soul.utions

"Always believe in your potential. Why? Because your beliefs create your reality and experiences."— Michaiel @ soul.utions

"A secret to Move beyond Struggle. Allow the beauty of life to be appreciated and allow it to embrace you in its majesty."— Michaiel @ soul.utions

"Compassion is a powerful and healing expression of caring.  It’s born of having known sorrow and opens your heart more deeply.” — Michaiel @ soul.utions

 "Love has no limits, only people do." — Michaiel @ soul.utions

"Always be your wild and wonderful self - don’t tame your ’strangeness’, celebrate it instead!” — Michaiel @ soul.utions 

 "Your magic is only limited by your willingness to own it and by your ability to dream bigger dreams.”— Michaiel @ soul.utions 

"The more you love, the more connected you’ll feel to yourself and others; because love is the essence of life."— Michaiel @ soul.utions 

 "There's an unstoppable power available to everyone, it’s called your imagination." — Michaiel @ soul.utions

 "To kick start any new project take a moment to fill your heart and mind with any of these energies: Gratitude, Joy, Value, Celebration and Love."— Michaiel @ soul.utions 

 “When you appreciate the beauty of nature can shift and lift your mood immediately!” — Michaiel @ soul.utions 

 "At the core of your being is pure light, your task is to peel back the layers and discover this truth!"— Michaiel @ soul.utions 

"Freedom begins with honesty. Be honest with yourself. If someone is upsetting you, respond to it. Ignoring it always fosters anxiety and doubt."— Michaiel @ soul.utions

“The future leads us into the unknown. Knowing yourself makes it easier to take the next step."— Michaiel @ soul.utions

"Be still, pause and remember that you are love in action within the world."— Michaiel @ soul.utions

"If you desire to create a different future, you need to change your NOW. Because nothing really changes until you do."— Michaiel @ soul.utions

"Focus on Being understanding toward others more than trying to be understood."— Michaiel @ soul.utions

"We're taught that success is all about “who you know’ in the world. True success is about who are you going to be in the world!"— Michaiel @ soul.utions

“ Being abundant isn't only about creating a living, it’s about creating a life you love!"— Michaiel @ soul.utions


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Michaiel Patrick Bovenes is a wellness coach, teacher, hypnotherapist, spiritual healer, and metaphysician. Since 1994, he helps people quickly transform their stress into strength and their struggle into greater freedom, confidence and positive change. Soul-utions Wellness will activate your inner-power to create the changes you desire by aligning with your purpose, power, inner-wisdom, and empowered destiny.