Developing the Empowered Self Series

This 7 week series was designed to build you a solid foundation in order to move beyond struggle and your natural resistances to change. The foundation of learning to embrace and develop your empowered self is essential to move off the merry-go-round of struggle and suffering.

Michaiel will guide you step-by-step to create positive and permanent changes in your life. Each class is jam packed with powerful ah-ha moments as well as effective techniques to improve the quality of your life. The seven characteristics of an empowered person are also the seven steps to developing greater success and personal fulfillment for your life.


Week 1: Deepen Your Connection, Awareness & Acceptance of Self

Week 2: Uncovering Your Self-Worth & Developing Self-Respect

Week 3: Forging and Building Genuine Self-Esteem

Week 4 Awakening the Magic and Miracles of Self-Love.

Week 5: Creating Unstoppable Self-Confidence

Week 6: Self-Realization: Finding Personal Peace & Fulfillment