Deepen Your Awareness & Acceptance of Self (Guided Meditation)

Soul-utions for Moving Beyond Struggle
Soul-utions “Activating Your Empowered Self” Series
Step 1: Self-Awareness & Self Acceptance

Self-awareness begins by owning the impact you have in the world (both positive & negative). It is the urge from your Soul to discover the truth of who you really are, not necessarily who you've become.
  • Have More Compassion & Understanding of Yourself & Others
  • Deepen Your Awareness of the Truth of Who You Are
  • Finally Accept Yourself: Feel a Greater Sense of Belonging
  • Expand Your Personal Power & Inner Strength
  • Powerful Tool to Accelerate the Class Material
The first half of our lives, we become who we are 'supposed' to be from all of the messages we receive from childhood. This guided meditation is the compliment to the class on Deepening your Awareness, Connection, and Acceptance of Yourself.
This meditation technique can help accelerate your expanded consciousness and catapult you forward toward your empowered destiny. The destination of your Soul versus your ego.

"Self-Acceptance understands the dual nature of all of life.
Accepting the 'beautiful' as well as the 'ugly' parts of ourselves
allows for an authentic and meaningful connection to our
authenticity and inner power."
- Michaiel

This guided healing meditation is a powerful journey to expand your consciousness and to move beyond the judgments you've held about yourself from the past.

Experience deep connection and understanding of the complexity of you are as a human-spiritual being. Your life will never be the same as you can not go back once your aware of the truth of your being and spiritual nature. 

Directions: Find a comfortable, quiet place where you will not be disturbed. Turn the phone on silent mode. You can either sit up or lie down, with your hands and feet not touching. Relax and listen to this powerful mindfulness meditation with speakers or earphones. Time 33 minutes

Format: MP3 download for immediate use.

Soul-utions Consciousness Shifting & Energy Lifting Method

Michaiel's unique method combines meditative and self-hypnotic techniques as well as archetypal imagery to successfully reprogram your mental patterns (update your mind's software) and facilitate positive change for greater personal power.

 This 3-minute test to determine if your mind is connected to your body in order to allow guided imagery to help you create change.


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How to Listen to a Guided Meditation:
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