Spirituality it's Nature & Grace

One of the greatest mysteries of life is found deep within each of us in the sacred domain of your Soul and Spirit. Most people still don't think of their spiritual natures as a living, breathing part of them. Yet, it's within the spiritual domain where our real power is born. Not the power of ego, but your inner power and strength that you function from everyday.

Most religions of the world has tried to own the Soul and Spirit. Most philosophies have said they are the same thing. Fortunately, our Souls will not be ignored forever, and most of us are awakening to this incredible inner power and strength. It's a sign that we, as a humanity, are entering into the Age of Aquarius.

Our Soul and Spirit have very distinctive qualities. 

To fully comprehend, we must begin by understanding the Divine's function within our physical world of duality. The Oneness of the Divine begins to express itself in the world of duality. Oneness becomes divided into a polarity of God and Goddess. Not positive and negative but rather distinctive masculine and feminine reflections of the Oneness. These energies of the Divine steps down to create our Soul and Spirit. 

Our Soul essence is an extension of the Divine Feminine (Goddess), and our Spirit represents the Divine masculine (God) within everyone regardless of their gender. Every human being has masculine and feminine energy; everyone who is alive has a Soul and Spirit. When these energies unite, they give birth to inner power, strength, and personal peace.

The person who has learned to value and integrate their masculine and feminine will experience wholeness and empowerment. Isn't that what each of us is seeking in our endless search outside of ourselves? The person who is looking for their "other half" to somehow make them whole. Wholeness and inner power come from our Feminine-Soul-Goddess connection, and genuine security is found within our Masculine-Spirit-God relationship.

The Soul and Spirit cannot function in our physical world without each other. It is a vital relationship. The Soul is like a space that's filled with oxygen. The Spirit fills the space with light, like a burning flame. The Spirit needs the space (oxygen) of the Soul, and the Soul needs the warmth and light of the Spirit to coexist.

We live in a world that teaches us to starve our Souls by denying our feminine energy, and we become disconnected in consciousness from the Goddess.

We are never really disconnected, but it can appear that way when we deprive our Soul of its food. Our inner being becomes polluted with negative emotions of emptiness. The light and life of the Spirit dwindle into a tiny spark. And our lives reflect this limited power with darkness, depression, and despair. 

Feeding our Soul begins our journey toward wholeness. 

Soul is our passion, intuition, feelings, and imagination. The Soul seeks to feel the love and Oneness of life with dignity and power. When we deny Soul, we also deny our feminine qualities and replace them with artificial substitutes. Addictions replace our passions, feelings become apathy, intuition is askew, and the imagination often becomes imitation. The natural state of being is supposed to be one of peace, caring, and love becomes distorted into anxiety, apathy, and pain.

When we seek the beauty of life and open up to feel the innocence within our being, we nourish our Soul.

Passion is the part of your Soul that seeks the Oneness of coming home to yourself. The artist who becomes one with their canvas is experiencing the true passion of their Soul. Being at one with the flow of creativity, s/he step outside of time and space and experiences Oneness with the Divine. That is the passion of the Soul. Explore what brings you passion to tap you into your Soul's majestic power.

Spirit's dynamic energy emerges from masculine energy. It is comprised of freedom, joy, and expression, all of which are masculine qualities. The Spirit within each of us seeks to feel alive and be in the present moment. Spirit wants to connect compassionately with its eternal partner, the Soul. It is always searching for greater freedom, joy, and meaning.

We say animals are spirited if they are alive and dynamic or someone with charisma has a beautiful spirit. A desire for freedom and change conceived the Spirit of America. Our Spirit is motivated by understanding and is the part of us that won't settle for complacency. Our Spirit keeps us exploring new ways to be free, joyful, and powerful.

When we deny our Spirit, our life-force dwindles. We can't be fully in the present moment because we worry about the past or future outcome. We don't take time to taste the food we eat or feel the touch of a lover's caress. The Spirit-denied person becomes filled with emptiness and confusion. The fire dies down, and eventually, its search for understanding and freedom will wither. 

To awaken your inner power, you must begin feeding your Soul. 

What are your passions? What aligns you to the Oneness of life? Begin to feel your emotions and honor them. Explore your imagination and intuition. Engage in activities like meditating or daydreaming. Journal on these topics or meditate about love and caring, and you will discover their soul-full meanings.

Once you have fed your Soul, turn your attention to Spirit. 

• What represents your freedom, and what brings you joy?

• Do you feel the freedom to express your talent?

• Connect with others to feel compassion.

• Commit yourself to experience greater joy, dignity, and aliveness everyday.

As you begin to breathe the breath of life into your Soul, you will activate your Spirit and generate the inner light of your Divine power. Your very presence will inspire and heal the world around you.

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