Michaiel Patrick Bovenes


Inspirational Speaker • Hypnotherapist (RTT) • Spiritual Healer (Modern Shaman)  - World-Wide Metaphysical Teacher

Michaiel is a inspirational world-wide spiritual teacher, spiritual healer, hypnotherapist, meditation expert, and metaphysician. He helps those who have awakened to accelerate their spirituality and heal their lives.  His work helps to transform stress into strength and their struggle into greater freedom, confidence, and positive change. He is the founder of 'Soul-utions Philosophy,' and a featured author in "Voices of Magic" as well as five star teacher on InsightTimer.

Since 1980 he's been studying the nature of the mind, consciousness, and spiritual healing topics. He learned to meditate while he was a junior in high school by attending the Silva Mind Method Training in Orlando, FL. Learning to meditate transformed his life and opened new portals of the mind that continue to fascinate him today. He shares his wisdom and insights with his unique personal empowerment teachings called "Soul-utions." 

His destiny is to help humanity remember the truth of who they by teaching them to own and embrace their inner power; the divine power of Soul and Spirit. Michaiel shares fresh insights, truths, deeper understanding, and compassion.

Michaiel's Life Journey

I have been exploring metaphysics and the incredible power of the mind and Soul for my entire life. I always had a natural curiosity about the potential power we all have as human beings. I began studying metaphysics when I was 14 years old. I guess puberty awakened parts of myself that catapulted me on my spiritual journey without knowing it at the time.

I knew I was different even as a young boy, and it was a source of personal pain, suffering and humiliation. As I compared myself to my older brother and schoolmates, I never felt like I fit in. At that time, my nature was more creative than aggressive. My brother was much more aggressive, and teased me about being so creative. I judged myself as flawed and defective for most of my formative years. I had a lot of personal shame, inflicted by judgmental name-calling from my brother and my own self-judging mind at that time. It was an extremely painful and challenging knowing you are different as a youth.

Then to top matters off, as I matured into adolescence, I discovered I was more attracted to boys than girls. I had many friends who were girls, but back then (1980s) being gay wasn't a popular choice. So I hid that part of myself, and it became my own dark secret. It further compounded my unworthiness and shame.

I began searching for answers to understand myself better. Although I never really tried to change my desires, I was curious about them. I started to check out books at the public library on the mind, consciousness, ESP, psychic phenomena, Kabbalah, Yoga, and various popular metaphysical books. Back then they were in the 'occult' section, not New Age or metaphysical. It was the beginning of the New Age.

As the 1980s unfolded, the New Age Movement started to become more visible in the mainstream. I finally didn't feel like such a freak anymore. At 16, I convinced my mother, (who was going through a divorce at the time), to take a weekend meditation course with me. It was a major turning point in both of our lives.

Around that same time, as fate would have it, I discovered a small metaphysical bookstore on an evening walk in July. It was literally only a 5-minute walk from our house.

The beautiful and wise lady is Beverly Ford, she owned a metaphysical bookstore Spiral Circle in Orlando FL. I would stop by her shop a few times a week for her loving wisdom, support, and advice. Beverly became my 'spiritual mom.' We continued our friendship throughout my adult life until she passed away just a few years ago. I could talk to her about anything. I'll always appreciate her wisdom, kindness, and love.

When I was a senior in high school, my mother noticed I had an interest in spiritual healing. It was then that she shared with me that I was born a 'blue veil' baby or a caul baby. The doctor had told my mother, and she kept it her secret until this time. The doctor said that it was an old wives' tale. When a child is born with part of the afterbirth covering their face and the doctor removes it 'like a veil,' that child has spiritual gifts. I guess what prompted my mother to share this with me was my many varied spiritual interests, compared to my other three siblings.


During the time I was a senior in High School, I began a spiritual healing course on Tuesday nights with Michael Cronin from London, England. It was a 2-year program, and I was trained to channel energy as a Spiritual Healer. This helped me to better connect with my higher self as well as sharpen my intuition and natural  healing abilities. It also helped me confirm my value and worth after years of feeling defective and broken. 

I remember about a year into the spiritual healing program, I came home one night, and my mother was distraught because my sister's kitten was very sick. It kept meowing in pain and couldn't move its back legs. At that time, I was still in the closet, but I had created a powerful connection with my Soul through learning how to meditate and channel spiritual healing energy.

Knowing I had a gift for healing, my mother pleaded with me to 'do something!’ I started sending healing energy through my cupped hands that I placed around the kitten. Immediately the kitten stopped meowing. I thought to myself, "Hmmm, that's interesting." I had done healing sessions with people during the class, and people were always polite and said they could feel the energy, etc. But this cat wasn't performing. It actually stopped crying.

I strategically slid my cupped hands back away (about 12") from the kitten. That's when I experienced the first defining moment of love that awakened something deep within me. The kitten started meowing again. Then, with her front paws, she clawed the carpet to drag her body in between my hands again and stopped meowing.

Tears rolled down my eyes. At that moment, I realized I wasn't so broken after all. I thought to myself, "Well, God must know about my sexual preference, and he's still using me as a channel (co-creator) for healing, I must be good enough in his eyes." This experience helped me to accept myself and my uniqueness as a young gay very spiritual man.

Michael Cronin took me on as his apprentice, and I worked with him in many private healing sessions. He told me that he could perceive energy fields and auras and that when he saw me doing healing work, I was 'channeling' a tremendous amount of energy. His Spiritual Healing course allowed me to develop my intuitive and healing abilities, along with awakening deep compassion for people who are suffering needlessly.


"Michaiel's presence in the world demonstrates the lost art of compassion with its profound wisdom." 

- Michael Cronin, London England


Over the years, I've studied many methods of personal development and empowerment from various self-help workshops and programs and I started fitting the missing pieces together. I realized that the feminine expression of the Divine (Goddess) has been denied, discounted and overlooked. This is the basis of my spiritual healing 'Soul-utions' philosophy.

My destiny began by trying to "fix" myself as a young man who thought he wasn't good enough, broken, and defective as a man. Later I discovered that I had spent many years trying to fix something that was never broken! I turned what was my own self-judged 'liability' into an asset and made it my destiny to help others to accept their uniqueness and move beyond struggle.

Every human being are unique expressions of the Divine. Everyone has a Soul and Spirit. Unfortunately, it has been lost and forgotten by most people in our world. In my thirties while in deep meditation, I realized maybe I was born feeling different because I came into the world to make a difference. This shifted my "liability" into an "asset."

The 1990s Kicked Started My Spiritual Work and Destiny
In 1991, I began teaching meditation and personal empowerment classes in 1987 and was trained in hypnotherapy in 1994 with the National Guild of Hypnotherapy. I started teaching meditation and facilitating healing services at many Unity, Science of Mind, and Centers for Spiritual Living throughout Florida and the east coast.

In 1992 I went to a spiritual channeling group in Tampa, FL, who my friend Caroline hosted once a month. Through a series of coincidences, I noticed an audiotape from Lazaris, who is a non-physical being channeled by Jach Pursel. He had a collection of audio classes about metaphysics and spirituality. I asked her if I could borrow one the tapes to listen in my car driving back to Orlando that evening. When I first listened, I knew that what he said was true, born of wisdom and feelings and thoughts that I always felt but never expressed. I learned so much and am eternally grateful.

Studying the Lazaris teachings has had a profound influence on my understanding of life, suffering, and metaphysical principles. Jach Pursel who channeled Lazaris (above) has since become a dear friend. I'm eternally grateful for his friendship and support over the years. I owe a lot of my wisdom from working with Lazaris and I am so fortunate to have spent over 35+ years attending live workshops, studying, and receiving his love.

I have always had a passion for helping people heal their pain and suffering and reconnect with their spiritual nature. As I began functioning with greater personal power I felt a deeper sense of inner peace and loved helping people to do the same.  You can move beyond struggle and suffering, to discover your Soul's wisdom and power. You can become whole and empowered, I am living proof of it. All conflicts in our lives are rooted in our mind. 


I have transformed my own life from being shackled in pain to being more fully empowered and at peace with myself and the world. I've stepped out of the world of domination into the world of dominion. I've helped thousands of clients by teaching them how reconnect with their Soul and Spirit. Let me help you discover the truth and power of who you really are. I'm the founder of Soul-utions Philosophy. It is not a religion, it is a relationship with your Soul. I am a spiritually gifted world-wide spiritual teacher, philosopher-mystic, life long personal development student, and a spiritual healing transformational coach who currently lives in San Francisco, CA and travels frequently. I have students and clients all over the world.

Let's work together to create a more harmonious and positive future for ourselves and for the world. - Michaiel Patrick Bovenes 

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