The Purpose of Mid-Life Challenges & How to Avoid a Mid-Life Crisis

The element of air reminds me of Spirit. It is a powerful resource that is often taken for granted until it's gone. The search for personal fulfillment can only be found within your spiritual natures. Your Spirit holds the key to mastering the art of living. It is the source of your energy, health, inner peace, and personal empowerment.

You are born of Spirit and take on a physical life that most esoteric philosophies consider an illusion. The concept that our physical reality is an illusion can be confusing. When we view the world through our five physical senses, looking only at the surface, it becomes deceptive. For instance, the world appears flat but is a sphere.  

During mid-life our Soul accelerates the opportunity for us to grow, evolve, and heal. The life lessons choose (on a Soul level) to explore in this lifetime, are evaluated by our Higher Selves. If we've gotten way off course, our Soul often arranges a 'wake-up call' to force us to pay attention. It's not a punishment but an opportunity to 'get back on track' if we're falling behind from all of distractions of daily living.

At mid-life our Soul challenges us to shift our priorities from "doing" into being. We focus on paying attention and honoring our state of "being." It is a time when being on the 'hamster wheel' going 90 miles an hour each day, isn't fulfilling anymore. It's an opportunity to make a course correction. It is a crossroads of choice, that determines if this lifetime will be a pivotol one or a 'do over'. The main focus during mid-life becomes 'Who am I' and this question needs to be explored and answered in order to find your true self and achieve personal peace. This question opens the door to renew our spirituality and discover greater self-acceptance.  

From the time we are born, we believe that joy, love, and peace are found in having things and doing stuff. 
This is why most people don't give much meaning to their spiritual natures until much later in life. Most people wait until life is "running out" before they seek to understand who they really are and what really matters in your life. 

During the early years, we focus on the outer world to gain a sense of security, but genuine security comes from the relationship you have with yourself. A mid life crisis is a shift of focusing from the outer to our inner worlds to create balance.

The purpose of life is about creating, expressing, and receiving love. An authentic love that offers freedom, responsibility, joy, and intimacy. Your true purpose in life is to remember who you are, not necessarily who you've become. Our purpose is to take our power back from the conditioning and false beliefs we've adopted about ourselves. This leads us to the opportunity to become fully empowered.

Empowerment leads to fulfillment. Fulfillment emerges when you start seeking greater freedom while deepening your ability to love yourself and others. That is what leads to personal growth and evolution. Overall, it becomes a journey of remembering the true nature of our Soul and Spirit. It's about our personal relationship with the Divine.  

The purpose of your life is to teach you who you really are. You are a Child of the Divine! Your real parents are God-Goddess.  When your Soul decides it is time to wake you up to that truth and you cling to the illusion of who you think you are, you will experience a mid-life crisis. That crisis can quickly turn into the dark night of the Soul. After much Soul searching, you realize, "I am not my stuff or my job." Chaos, with its confusion, begins to rip through your self-image, leaving you naked and exposed to the truth of your being. The intensity of this crisis directly reflects how much you've chosen to be aligned with your true self. 

Organized religions have thrived upon mid-lifers who seek deeper meaning in life. Religion attempts to fill the void, but unfortunately, it has failed. Religion often defines a set of rules to measure whether you are "being" good enough in God's eyes. Unfortunately, it's a God made in the likeness of man, not the real source I call God-Goddess-All-That-Is. Religion is man's attempt to control and manipulate our spirituality. Religion isn't bad or wrong, just limited and often turns folks away from their true spiritual natures.

Spirituality is your relationship with life (All-That-Is). Spirituality is your own unique and personal relationship with the Divine. Everyone has a relationship with the Divine. Whether it is dysfunctional or thriving is determined by how much you value and support your very own being. You cannot not choose whether you have a relationship with the Divine because it is who you are! It is about being loving, open, appreciative, and at peace with yourself and your life.

You have the freewill power to make it matter or meaningless. The price you pay, by making it meaningless, is you'll always be on the 'hamster wheel' searching outside yourself for love, happiness, and peace of mind. You'll never find it there. You'll end up exhausted and spent and in crisis. Spirituality is essential to longevity, fulfillment, wellbeing, and personal peace.

An empowered person perceives the truth by meditating to search within themselves for greater meaning and understanding. At mid-life you make a decision, am I going to remain disempowered or choose to be empowered? This choice is essential to move through any spiritual crisis.

The key to avoiding a mid-life crisis is remembering the truth of who you really are. You are more than your ego's fears with its negativity, labels, and pain. You are more than what you have aquired or what you do for a living. You are a child of the Divine. Meditation and prayer can open you to remembering the truth of who you are.

Remembering you are loved by God-Goddess, regardless of what you've done in the past. Divine love is unconditional. There is nothing you can do to obtain more of it and nothing you can do to lose it. Divine love given to you, unconditionally. Are you willing to open and receive it? It's always available, but you need to reach for it. You are loved with all your hang-ups and flaws. Only Divine love can fill the emptiness inside, it's called a spiritual awakening and healing. Your Spirit's joy and peace can help you to escape the crisis that occurs during the mid of life. 

Author - Michaiel Patrick Bovenes


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