Understanding the Chaos of Today's World

There is no question that we are living in very turbulent times, and the world is forcing humanity to change. The world around us is evolving as well as every man-made system known to us. The old systems are crumbling and no longer effective. This apparent chaos can leave you feeling powerless and frustrated. The old methods of dealing with your life, other people, and your problems are no longer as effective as they once were.

Just like our phones and computers, our minds need to be upgraded into the new millennium. The grace period has ended, and the effects of avoiding change or trying to make the old ways work again are creating more anxiety, struggle, and pain. Individually and collectively, we can no longer function out of the old operating systems of the past. 

Our future and its success will depend upon our willingness to overcome resistance to change and to upgrade our minds. What exactly does that mean? We must let go of old, outdated beliefs, attitudes, thoughts, feelings, choices, and decisions, and begin to take new actions and think new thoughts, to create a successful future.


 "If you do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always gotten."

― Tony Robbins 


The good news is that the old methods are cumbersome and never really worked as well as the new techniques available to us today. These new methods can align your heart and mind to free you from the mental prisons of your past and you can begin to live your life abundantly without struggle.

Soul-utions is about switching paradigms from domination to dominion. The only way to get there is to begin to consciously understand your options and then to decide to update your personal mental-emotional-spiritual operating system. This free upgrade requires you to step back and see the big picture as well as the current steps necessary to lead you onto a conscious path of personal empowerment. If you've found this website either by chance or by a friend’s referral, then you're at the right place at the right time. 

It's time to redefine yourself, to evaluate your life and begin a new relationship with the world around you. You've learned everything that scarcity, pain, and fear can teach you. It's time for you to take a quantum leap. Learn of the new abundance with its freedom, joy, and the courage it takes to function as an empowered person to create a new relationship with life.

The old, outdated systems are patriarchal and chauvinistic. The obsolete system of domination is about aggressively trying to gain power-over (control) others and your reality. It's a desire to be king of the mountain (ego-arrogance) versus working together with others to build a new community of friends/partners and co-creating together the future of your dreams.

The old systems have not only started crumbling, but some are crumbling now like an avalanche. Our government, healthcare, banking, prison, and religious systems are outdated and need massive changes to bring about a positive future for us all. But it always begins with the individual. This is where we need to focus on change. 

Soul-utions was created to help people understand the big picture and the true nature of our Soul and Spirit to enhance our connection to life. We are spiritual beings made in the likeness and image of the Divine. There's nothing to do or buy. We can shift and lift our perception and understanding to help make the changes you desire to make personally.


Soul-utions uses ancient truths and modern wisdom to develop your own unique, personal and private relationship with the Divine and then apply very easy and practical mental/emotional subconscious techniques to align with the truth of who you are.


Soul-utions lessons aren't for those who are doing everything humanly possible to avoid change and cling to their past. It is for those adventurers who know that it's time to update their perception and mental software (thinking) and gain clarity from the chaos in their lives.

Soul-utions is for those people who are tired of struggling with outdated ideas and concepts about how to live life. It's for people who want to understand the tremendous power and magic inherent within our spiritual natures. When you embrace the chaos (both dark and light) and stop running from it, you will catapult yourself into a successful and fulfilling experience.

Are you up for the adventure? Do you have the courage to really change the very core of your beliefs? In many ways, this journey is a personal metamorphosis that will transform you forever if you let it. 

I'm honored to share what I've learned over the past 35 years and to help you learn the dance steps to ensure your life becomes free from the past and filled with the magic and joy of personal peace and fulfillment. 



Any questions please contact me at: info@soul-utions.com


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Any questions contact us at: info@soul-utions.com


Michaiel Patrick Bovenes is a wellness coach, teacher, hypnotherapist, and metaphysician. Since 1994, he helps people quickly transform their stress into strength and their struggle into greater freedom, confidence and positive change. Soul-utions Wellness will activate your inner-power to create the changes you desire by aligning with your purpose, power, inner-wisdom, and empowered destiny. 

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