Are You Spiritually Empowered Person?

The 10 Characteristics of a Spiritually Empowered Person

The challenge we all face in the living of our lives is to understand ourselves. When you know yourself you'll discover within you the unstoppable power of creativity, love, and compassion that can lead us away from our egos and into a domain of personal peace.

Being powerful has been distorted by the chauvinistic standards and the egos perception that power is outside of us not within. The unenlightened seeks power only in the forms of titles, job position, money, or education status.

Genuine power comes from within. It's an expression of your Soul and Spirit. Power is your ability to consciously think, feel and to take action based on awareness and wisdom. Thinking and feeling aren’t enough, you must be conscious as well as take action based upon your thoughts and feelings.

A Spiritually Empowered and Enlightened Person is:

1. Consciously Create Fun and Success Every Day

2. Balanced With Their Feminine Masculine Energy

3. Emotional Awareness, Depth, Curiosity, and Respect

4. Always Reach for Greater Freedom With its Responsibility

5. Functioning With Value, Love, Joy, Gratitude, and Celebration

6. Focus on Being Understanding More Than Being Understood

7. Wise Enough to See the Truth Within the Illusion of the World

8. Humble: Willing to be Wrong in the Pursuit of What's Right

9. Never Consciously Seeking to Hurt Anyone or Anything

10. Spiritually Motivated and Make Their Spirituality Their #1 Priority

By: Michaiel Patrick Bovenes

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