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  • How to Heal Your Ego From Enemy Into Ally

    When the ego can honestly think, feel, and say, “I am Enough,” it is functioning from a mature expression. Knowing you are enough isn’t a position of arrogance. It doesn’t mean you feel that you are “better than” others. Embodying the truth of “I am Enough” isn’t a statement of superiority or inferiority, it is a simple truth. Feeling that “I am enough” is like finally being able to exhale after 40 years of holding your breath. It quickly becomes a surrendering to the goodness, truth, and beauty of who you really are. This is the exhilaration of waking up and...

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  • 7 of the Most Common Causes of Anxiety

    Anxiety is one or a combination of the following seven components. These will produce anxiety in your consciousness and in your body/mind connection.
1.  Unidentified and repressed emotions. When you have not identified your emotions and have repressed them, you will start feeling anxious. 
2.  The anticipation of rejection, humiliation, abandonment or betrayal.
3.  Attempting to trust people who are not trustworthy. 
4.  Experiencing excessive happiness, success, and freedom in your life. 
When people have a wave of continual happiness occurring day after day and they are feeling higher levels of personal freedom; anxiety can start to grow quickly. People often think,...

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  • Get Unstuck: Free Yourself for Positive Change - Part II

    Transforming Negative Emotions into Positive Experiences The power found within our emotions doesn’t age. This power can’t be taken away from you. This inner power is based on our relationship to our true self and our willingness to receive guidance, healing, and wisdom from our Soul and Spirit. Emotional empowerment is key to the success for guidance, healing and receiving wisdom from within. A spiritually empowered adult has the capacity to take action based on character and principles. S/he is inspired and motivated by the future, feels passion and compassion in the present moment, and connects and communicates with others...

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  • Daring to be Different

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    The challenge to embrace our unique differences is crucial for a rebirth of consciousness worldwide. Honoring difference begins by understanding and accepting our unique differences.
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  • Get Unstuck: Free Yourself for Positive Change (Part I)

    In the depth of your emotions, you will unearth your passion for life and be able to tap into the tremendous forces of creativity, healing, and willpower that lie there.
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  • The Nature and Grace of Your Soul and Spirit

    One of the greatest mysteries of life is found deep within each of us in the sacred domain of your Soul and Spirit. Most people still don't think of their spiritual natures as a living, breathing part of them. Yet, it's within the spiritual domain where our real power is born. Not the power of ego, but your inner power and strength that you function from everyday. Most religions of the world has tried to own the Soul and Spirit. Most philosophies have said they are the same thing. Fortunately, our Souls will not be ignored forever, and most of us are...

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