12 Ways to Shift From an Illness to a Wellness Mindset

What to do after washing your hands…

It's essential to listen to fear's message, but once the message is received, then focus on Wellness versus Illness. Remember that fear is a motivator for change. It's a warning of a potential threat that can put you into jeopardy. It's a good thing that you feel fear instead of ignoring it. Our world is responding and waking up. Heed the warning, do everything you can to prevent disease, then focus on taking better care of yourself.

Once you've done everything you know to do to prevent Illness, then turn your attention to create greater Wellness.

1. Focus on what you do want (Wellness) versus want you don't want (Illness), the following suggestions will help you to do that.

2. While washing your hands, mentally repeat, "I'm always at the right place at the right time for my health, safety, and wellbeing." Instead of singing Happy Birthday', sing, "I Will Survive" from Gloria Gaynor.

3. Align Your Priorities: Remember what is happening in our world, and all of the closures of business is certainly inconvenient and will have financial repercussions, but health is a more important priority.

4. Focus on beautifying your home. Buy some fresh flowers, redecorate your apartment, get a jump start on a spring cleaning of your home. Work in your garden.

5. Stop feeling sorry for yourself instead focus on love; be loving toward yourself and others. Feel and focus your mind on greater compassion for yourself and others. Connect to friends and family via phone or internet, stay connected with an open heart.

6. Eat live organic nourishing fruits and vegetables. Plants are alive with a life force energy and protein as opposed to meat, which is dead protein. When you eat more veggies and fruits, you also absorb their life force energy to boost your own.

7. Journal, meditate, review your goals for 2020, perhaps reprioritize what really matters to you in your life.

8. Catch up on books and TV shows. Focus on entertainment that lifts your spirit or makes you laugh versus anxiety or fear-provoking shows. There is plenty of fear in our world you don’t need to be constantly feeding your mind with it.

9. Exercise, take a walk in your local park, stretch do some yoga at home, appreciate and support your body.

10. Get plenty of rest. Limit caffeine and allow for plenty of sleep, siestas, and meditations.

11. Write thank you cards (or emails) to those you love and appreciate in your life.

12. Deepen your spiritual practice. Pray, meditate, self-reflecting writing.

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