Inner Child Healing Meditation

Empowered Self Series

"Your journey of personal empowerment begins with understanding your 'selves' and healing the pain from the past. Inner child work is a key to unlock greater self-love and personal peace.

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Healing Your Inner Child Guided Meditation (~25 mins)
Our journey to becoming empowered begins with letting go of the past experiences which have held you back from fully being yourself. I will guide you step-by-step to connect with your inner child and to release the pain of the past with this gentle guided imagery meditation. This guided meditation is available for streaming for free or you can purchase the downloadable recording for future listening. 


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Deepen Your Awareness/Acceptance of Yourself Guided Meditation  (~33 mins) This beautiful meditation journey can spark the memory of who you really are and begin a new journey of remembering and reconnecting with your Truer self. The first half of our lives, we become who we are 'supposed' to be from all of the messages we receive from childhood. Do you dare explore the truth of who you REALLY are? You are much more powerful than you currently realize.

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