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Soul-utions Sundays 2020

Spiritual Vitality:
Aligning With the Wisdom & Power of Your Soul! 



We spend so much of our lives searching for answers outside of ourselves. Soul-utions Spirituality is about discovering the sacred power that lies with your Soul and Spirit and how to use it to increase your vitality, aliveness, and make positive changes in your life. Learn to listen from within to move toward your empowered destiny.

What is the difference between spiritual and religious people? Everyone is spiritual; it's a part of our true nature. It is the relationship we have with our Soul and Spirit, regardless of how empowered or dysfunctional it can be. This class will open you to new levels of understanding and new ways of obtaining personal empowerment by deepening your relationship with yourself and with life.

There are many spiritual paths, and Soul-utions is about understanding the nature of the Soul and Spirit to create your own unique relationship with the Divine. Soul-utions' will connect you with your inner power to create positive changes in your life. Ultimately, a successful spirituality deepens your awareness and connection to yourself on all four levels of your being: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.

This Sunday, we will explore and deepen your spiritual connection.

This once a month live class and meditation can help you expand beyond outdated religious dogma and doctrine to embrace a partnership with your Soul and Spirit. You come from Source, discover your true nature and Source. You are a spiritual being, it isn't something you need to find it's an ancient part of you that is waiting for you to remember and reunite.

This Sunday will help you to discover and deepen your connection with the Divine. Your Soul and Spirit are the keys for you to experience greater freedom, joy, abundance, and love.

Dominion is a state of mind; it's a belief system that we are all connected. Dominion is a state of mind that you can develop and eventually function from 24 hours a day. Dominion brings magic and miracles, synchronicity, and belonging to your personal world. Dominion requires that you leave behind the world (set) of domination, struggle, and pain. Dominion is a state of mind that changes who you are from the inside out.

You are more powerful than you know. You can learn to bring back balance and harmony within yourself to cultivate personal peace and create positive changes in your life, magically. Together we can support each other in living your dreams. This monthly class will help you remember something you've forgotten of your inner power, it can help you find something you've lost of the truth of who you really are- an empowered spiritual being.

An in-depth discussion followed by Q and A as well as a guided meditation to expand your consciousness. Join like-minded people in the quest to live their dreams and fulfill their empowered destinies.

Soul-utions Zoom Classes

Soul-utions is an ancient as well as modern approach to develop your own unique, personal and private relationship with the Divine. It's about using metaphysical techniques to create positive changes in your life. Over the years, Michaiel has developed practical techniques to align with the truth of who we are in order to function in dominion and live without struggle.

We'll explore new ways to deepen your connection to life and learn how to eliminate the mental-emotional obstacles that stand in your way of living your life without struggle. It will begin with an in-depth discussion, open dialogue, Q and A and a powerful guided meditation along with various techniques will be offered.

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