Build Genuine Self-Esteem

 Class 3 of 6: 'Activating Your Empowered Self Series
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"Self-esteem is critical to move beyond your struggle and stress.  It is the foundation for your self-love and confidence to blossom. Without esteem, love withers into martyrhood and self-pity, and confidence erodes into arrogance."
- Michaiel

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I. Introduction to Forging & Building Self-Esteem (~3 mins)

Developing self-esteem is a critical step in Maslow's hierarchy of needs. It is also crucial to becoming a truly successful and accomplished person. Low or false self-esteem can prevent you from feeling loved and being loving, having confidence and fulfilling success. 


II. The Fundamentals of Genuine Self-Esteem (~16 mins)
This excerpt will provide you with a clear understanding of the 7 components of Self-Esteem and how to begin developing it right now. 


II. The Daily Benefits of Functioning With Genuine Esteem (~11 mins)
Discover the most common benefits of a person who functions with high self-esteem on a daily basis.  


III. Seven Common 'False Esteem' Ego Strategies (~17 mins)
In order to develop genuine self-esteem, you must understand what you've been doing to make up for your lack. Esteem is critical if you don't develop genuine esteem you WILL create your Ego's version of false esteem. Discover the seven most popular substitutes many people use that keeps them struggling in life. 

IV. Guided Meditation to Build & Forge Solid Self-Esteem (~34 mins)
This guided meditation was  recorded for the course on "Building & Forging Genuine Self-Esteem." The relaxing and powerful guided imagery communicates directly with your subconscious mind to reinforce the core principles and attitudes of genuine self-esteem in order to update your mind's software to have high self-esteem.

Congratulations on completing class 3 in this 7 part series!

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