II. Discovering Your Self-Worth & Developing Self-Respect

(Recorded Live on 4/23/2019 in San Francisco, CA)

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"Self-worth isn't something you can increase or develop, it is an inherent part of your spiritual nature and we have lost sight of it, but it is burired deep within you and is important to discover the worth within you in order to develop self-respect. This is the second step toward the empowered self!" - Michaiel
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Discovering Your Self-Worth & Developing Self-Respect

I. Discovering Your Self-Worth & Developing Self-Respect Part I (~19 mins)

II. Discovering Your Self-Worth & Developing Self-Respect Part II (~22 mins)


III. Discovering Self-Worth & Self Respect Techniques 1 & 2 (~14 mins)


IV. Discovering Self-Worth & Self Respect Techniques 3 & 4 (~12 mins)

VI. Self-Worth & Self-Respect Guided Meditation (~37 mins)
Self-Worth is not something you can earn, receive, or get. It is your inheritance and is already within you. It comes from the very essence of your spiritual being. Everyone is worthy. We need to remove the layers to uncover self-worth from its hiding place.

Discovering Self-Worth & Developing Self-Respect

This guided healing meditation is specifically designed for this class and is a powerful journey to shift your mind and consciousness to help heal what stands in the way of your intrinsic worthiness and your ability to respect yourself.

Experience the deep peace and healing at the essence of yourself. You'll be liberated and set free to begin creating a life worth living overflowing with greater joy, peace, success and fulfillment. 
A Healing Meditation Michaiel Patrick Bovenes

Next Step to Becoming Your Empowered Self:

Forging and Building Solid Self-Esteem
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