II. Discover Your Self-Worth & Develop Self-Respect

Class 2 of 6: 'Activating Your Empowered Self Series

"Self-worth isn't something you can increase or develop, it is an inherent part of your spiritual nature and we have lost sight of it, but it is burired deep within you and is important to discover the worth within you in order to develop self-respect. This is the second step toward the empowered self!" - Michaiel
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Discovering Your Self-Worth & Developing Self-Respect

I.Discovering Your Self-Worth & Developing Self-Respect Part I (~19 mins)
The first half of our lives, we become who we are 'supposed' to be from all of the messages we receive from childhood.

II.Discovering Your Self-Worth & Developing Self-Respect Part II (~22 mins)
Discover how you lost sight of your innate power, beauty and purpose in life.


III. Discovering Self-Worth & Self Respect Techniques 1 & 2 (~14 mins)
Explore your worthiness and learn the steps and differences between self-worth and self-respect to begin building these powerful inner resources of wealth.


IV. Discovering Self-Worth & Self Respect Techniques 3 & 4 (~12 mins)
How to develop genuine self-respect and uncover and discover your worth, your Divine inheritance.

VI. Self-Worth & Self-Respect Guided Meditation (~37 mins)
Self-Worth is not something you can earn, receive, or get. It is your inheritance and is already within you. It comes from the very essence of your spiritual being. Everyone is worthy. We need to remove the layers to uncover self-worth from its hiding place.

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