Wisdom Wednesdays

Wisdom Wednesdays will have a monthly mindfulness theme so that you can learn and apply specific empowerment topics and have time to implement these life-changing techniques. Always free and held each week at MindSpace.

Join Michaiel in this unique personal empowerment series.  Each month we’ll explore a popular theme to create change, wellness, and develop personal peace. Now with two options for attending. Each class will be recorded and available.

How to Escape the Suffocation of Anxiety and Stress.
Anxiety is a crippling state of mind. Once you understand how you are fostering this state of mind you can learn easy and effective techniques to set yourself free. 

7 Steps to Create Lasting Success!
Being successful begins within your mind, there are seven mental components as well as seven specific steps you can learn to ensure a successful life overflowing with joy, happiness and freedom from struggle.