V. Having Unstoppable Self-Confidence

 Class 5 of 6: 'Activating Your Empowered Self Series


"Self-Confidence is your ability to cope with the unknown of your future. It is self-reliance that is essential to a life of joy, inner peace, and success. It's also about being able to rely upon yourselves, not yourself (ego), but a synergy of self that allows for self-confidence to become unstoppable."

- Michaiel



Follow the sequence below and allow a few seconds for the audio file to load.

I. Introduction to Unstoppable Self-Confidence (~12 mins)

Overview. This class will provide you with step-by-step method to not only have confidence but to learn how to develop unstoppable self-confidence. 

II. Inner Enemies of Self-Confidence (~19 mins)
To have unstoppable self-confidence we must understand the resistances and how to transform them to have a solid foundation for genuine confidence to grow. 

III. Part I - The Synergy of Selves  ( ~14 mins)
We explore the first few aspects of your consciousness that creates a radiance of being confident.

IV. Part II - The Synergy of Selves ( ~10 mins)

A continuation of the discussion and exploration of the synergy of selves.

V. Techniques Having Unstoppable Self-Confidence ( ~15 mins) A couple of techniques to ground and apply greater self-love in your life.

VI. Techniques Having Unstoppable Self-Confidence ( ~14 mins)


BONUS Tip: Keeping Your Focus from Distractions at Work ( ~5 mins)


Having Unstoppable Self-Confidence Guided Meditation (Release on 08/27)

This guided meditation is to help reprogram your subconscious mind to accelerate your ability to create greater self-confidence, stronger foundation of coping with the future and relying upon yourselves.

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