Spirituality for Beginners

You can move beyond the restraints of religion and discover how to embrace your Soul to deepen your connection with life. Most religions have tried to control and manipulate your spirituality, your private and personal relationship with the Divine. I will share some common conflicts in consciousness that prevent you from experiencing the richness of your spiritual nature, and show you how to access this awesome spiritual power.  2 hours • Learn More


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How to Connect More Deeply With Others
As we move forward in our growth we begin to understanding the importance of your relationships is paramount to feeling that you fully belong and are a valuable contributor to life. Discover the law of priority as well as techniques on how to connect more deeply in all of your relationships. 2 hours • Learn More


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End Procrastination9 Secrets to Overcome Resistance to Change

Everyone reaches for change and recoils from it at the same time. Discover why you resist change and what you can do about to create positive and permanent change now! Michaiel discusses the nine powerful secrets and techniques to break free from procrastination and master the art of personal transformation. 2 hours Learn More

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Awakening Joy to Accelerate Your Spiritual Journey

Awakening joy can accelerate your spiritual journey for more freedom, love, and fulfillment. Joy aligns you to your Soul's healing and wisdom. Your Soul's joy is dormant behind repressed emotions that you'll learn to release and can quickly shift and lift your life-force energy as it awakens Spirit. 2 hours • Learn More


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New Mini-Video Course   How to Change Limiting Beliefs •

Mini-Course on How to Change Limiting Beliefs

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