Relationships That Thrive Versus Just Survive

Free Course From: 05/19 - 05/28/22
Time: 1 hour 15 minutes

00:00  Introduction & Secrets to Making Relationships Thrive
06:28  The Many Benefits of Relationships That Thrive
13:50  Power of Intention & Attention
18:00  What Are the 7 Challenges to Create Relationships That Thrive
21:55  The Four Components of Self-Esteem
39:43  Q & A
41:44  7 Steps to Create Relationships That Thrive
57:46  Techniques to Attract Loving Relationships

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Morning Visualization Exercise

Morning Visualization Exercise
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How to Attract Loving Relationships
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Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Guided Meditation

Life cycles include the nature of the moon, sun, and planets and how they can change and lift or lower our resonance. Let me guide you to align with the powerful lunar eclipse in May to help you activate dormant power and inner strength to awaken creativity, innovation, passion, and compassion.


• •  How to Forgive Yourself for Past Mistakes • •
A Powerful Healing Process


• •  The Magic of Presence • •
Create Unstoppable Self-Confidence


Transforming Anger into
Inner Strength
(Will Power)

Anger is a human emotion. Everyone feels it, and most will judge and repress it, erroneously thinking it's unspiritual to be angry. However, all anger is a message about change, demanding change. When you understand the true nature of anger, you can learn to harness and transform it into strength.

Audio Course 90 minutes.
BONUS: Includes a Powerful Meditation to Express Repressed Emotions

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New Mini-Video Course   How to Change Limiting Beliefs •

Mini-Course on How to Change Limiting Beliefs

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