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So many spiritual folks who have signed up for Soul-utions like yourself have shared with me how my classes have transformed the way they live their lives in a deep and fulfilling way.

I thought I'd share with you a video on what makes my Soul-utions classes so unique. This short 4 minute video explains how we are connected to the Divine and the way to achieve greater balance and harmony to awaken your inner power and strength.

A few quotes from students:

"Michaiel is an amazing spiritual teacher his wisdom always exceeds my expectations. Every time I hear him speak his material is always new, fresh, and empowering. He explains metaphysical concepts with such grace and wisdom that helps me fill in the gaps in my own understanding. I always experience a couple of ‘ah-ha!’ moments during his classes."
- Claire Perry (Student from Sydney Australia)


"Michaiel is a very gifted and inspired speaker who breaks down metaphysical spirituality in a way that anybody can easily comprehend. I've been attending his "Soul-utions" classes now for nearly 6 months and have learned a great deal about "Living Life Without Struggle".  I consider him one of my mentors in this life and will continue my personal journey with his sincerely passionate and positive guidance."
- Richie Pernia (Student San Francisco, CA)



Michaiel Patrick Bovenes is a wellness coach, teacher, hypnotherapist, and metaphysician. Since 1994, he helps people quickly transform their stress into strength and their struggle into greater freedom, confidence and positive change. Soul-utions Wellness will activate your inner-power to create the changes you desire by aligning with your purpose, power, inner-wisdom, and empowered destiny. 

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