Escape from Stress Mindfulness Meditations

Soul-utions for Moving Beyond Struggle

Discover how you can quickly minimize the damaging effects of physical, emotional and mental stress. Your body knows how to balance and maintain harmony, these guided meditations will help you return to a state of personal peace.

01 Introductions (1:47)
02 Tools, Tips and Techniques for Stress Management (19:44)
03 Test Your Body-Mind Connection (2:44)
04 Preparation for Meditation (1:33)
05 Guided Relaxation Meditations (19:45)

Directions: Find a comfortable quiet place where you will not be disturbed, turn phone on silent mode. You can either sit up or lay down with your hands and feet not touching. Relax and listen to this mindfulness mediation on room speakers or with ear phones.

Format: MP3 download for immediate use.
Caution: Due to the nature of this recording Please Do NOT Listen While Driving!

Time: 45 minutes