Unlocking Super Powers and Potential

Today I want to talk about a forbidden topic. It’s a topic we’ve already mentioned and discussed, so it’s not really forbidden for this group. For many people, it is still forbidden, no, I’m not going to talk much about religion.  However, I’m going to talk about moving beyond religion into Spirituality. We live in such a chaotic world, and there’s so much stress out there. People are spinning their wheels just trying to move forward, trying to be successful, trying to keep food on the table. There’s so much stress that people have abandoned their Spirituality.

I want to talk about the keys to unlocking your Spiritual potential because of the turmoil in our world. People say, “How can I have an impact in the world? How can I help other people?” Well, as you get your life together, as you pull yourself together, and you release your stress, you release your fears.

As you move out of struggle into greater freedom and ease, you’re going to create more peace within yourself. And guess what? You are vibrating the law of resonance everywhere you go. Resonance is emanating from you and surrounding you. If you are just a person who has achieved personal peace, you are bringing more peace into the world. You’re not only one person with peace. You are bringing in and augmenting peace, making it easier for those with whom you come in contact to also experience greater peace.

Our Spirituality is very practical on that level, but it’s also necessary to deepen that relationship. It’s important to understand you have a Soul and a Spirit, and you bring the Divine from out of the clouds into the present moment through understanding. What are the two areas that are forbidden? Religion and politics.

There is a piece of you, an expression and reflection of the Divine within you, called your Soul and Spirit that’s directly linked to God-Goddess-All-That-Is. That’s something I can relate to, and it’s directly connected to the Divine as you cultivate the Soul and why I talk so much about Soul-utions rather than Spirit. Spirit feeds off of the energy of Soul. Soul is the space and the energy where Spirit comes alive. It’s like Spirit is a fire, and your Soul is the oxygen in the room. Well, what happens when you deny your Soul is that oxygen dwindles and then the flame of Spirit dies down. But when you can rejuvenate your Soul, when you can fill that in, connect with your Soul and feed your Soul, you can expand that light of Spirit automatically. Spirit is swift and very dynamic.

It needs the energy of Soul, and they work together. They function as one. We need to understand that the issue in our world is the denial of Soul. Why do we deny our Soul? Because it’s feminine by Nature, and a world of chauvinism and domination has elevated the masculine and denigrated the feminine. We have all been conditioned from the time we’re little. If you have never thought about whether you’re chauvinistic or not, you are. You’ve never given it thought because we are brainwashed from the time we’re little. It’s in our cartoons, our education system, our religions, and it’s in our language.

“Hey, you guys.” Well, what about the girls in the room? Guys are what matter, right? We just use the word “guys” rather than “folks” for people. I’ve done that too, and I’m trying to monitor myself. My point is, it’s so embedded in us that the masculine is elevated. The key to understanding chauvinism is that it doesn’t just hurt women. It castrates men of their real power of what it means to be masculine. The real power of masculine is born of the feminine.

 Just like the Spirit emerges from the Soul, the essence of Soul, Spirit needs that Soul to feed off of the energy, the environment, the passion. Feminine Energy is the original energy that gave birth to God. Mother Mary gave birth to Jesus. It’s the initial energy, but because of chauvinism, it’s cast aside because it was not male. So it can’t be powerful.  Let that in.

Every fetus that is within a woman’s body is female until the hormones trigger whether it’s going to be male or female. The original energy is feminine. For men to find their authentic masculine energy, it’s always born of their feminine.

The imagination is what willpower draws upon. I can’t have a will to do something if I can’t imagine what it is. My feelings are what my thoughts feed upon. Passion is where compassion emerges. My creativity. My productivity has to come out of being creative. The creativity,  passion,  feelings,  energy, the essence of your feminine energy is where the foundation of being begins for both men and women, regardless of gender.

But chauvinism comes in and denies the feminine and thinks, “Oh, I don’t have time for my passion. I have to replace it with duties and obligations. That’s what matters. Duties and obligations.” That’s what chauvinism does. It denies passion, creativity, and says, “Just focus on what really matters: your duties, your obligations, and your responsibilities. Be logical, be linear, be reasonable. Don’t be creative. Don’t be imaginative or intuitive. Deny these parts of yourself.”

That’s what suffocates our Soul. To unlock your Spirituality and why Soul-utions is the word I use, is because the answer lies in our Soul and in this current culture, that’s where the problem is rooted. Soul-utions provides people with a way to find that balance so they can step out of this struggle of daily life. And it always begins with your relationship with the Divine. Your Spirituality is your personal and private relationship with the Divine. And I define it personally as God-Goddess-All-That-Is.

That’s the trinity, not father, son, and Holy Spirit. That’s all masculine. Chauvinistically it’s been that way for 2000 years. There used to be the goddess energy. Now traditional religions have taken that and made that into the devil, right? Most of the feminine energy, by the way, Christianity has turned into the devil. “Passion? You can’t have desire, sexual desire, and passion.” That is one expression of passion. It’s not the only expression. “Your intuition? That’s the devil getting into your mind.”  “Don’t be too creative.” You’ll be one of those Weirdos if you’re too creative.

It demonizes and discounts all that beautiful feminine energy to try to scare people. “Oh, it’s just your imagination.” “Passion. Yeah, yeah, yeah. That’ll get you in trouble. Passion burns too close to addiction. Don’t go there!” We’ve been conditioned all over the world to deny the feminine. That’s why the world is so out of balance everywhere.

Everything is your Spirituality. Politics is an expression and reflection of your Spirituality. It’s so easy to see the Spirituality of the beauty of Nature, but so is the garbage dump with toxic pollutions. It’s our Spirituality. It’s an expression and a reflection of our consciousness. And it demonstrates that our world is WAY out of balance. The climate changes, global warming; all of this is out of balance because our consciousness is out of balance.

As we bring it back into balance, our environment, and the world changes. Your Soul is the environment that your Spirit feeds on. When Soul has been denied, our environment, the reflection from the microcosm to the macrocosm, is in poor shape.

The weather used to be part of the sustaining and the balance of Nature. What is the weather doing now? It’s attacking through hurricanes, earthquakes, fires ravaging homes. It’s out of control because we’re so out of balance as a collective consciousness. We create our own reality as a collective; thus, we are creating the reality of what’s happening in our world. You may ask, “How do I change that?”

You need to change yourself. You need to bring balance back into yourself. You need to realign to create peace because when you do, you are bringing more peace into the world. You are affecting the weather, affecting the environment, affecting it all, not single-handedly, but as a collective. Your relationship with the Divine, through your Soul and Spirit, and through understanding and balancing the feminine and masculine energy is key to unlocking your spiritual potential.

You have four bodies. The first is the physical body. To be Spiritual means to own that physical body as much as your Spirit. Your physical body is the vehicle that your Soul and Spirit chose to enter this Earth and develop a co-creating relationship.

The parents that you chose on a Soul level became the creators of that body. They became the manufacturers of your vehicle, but your Soul and Spirit imbued it and gave it life force. Your Soul and Spirit is the electromagnetic energy of your life. There’s not a human being that does not have a Soul and Spirit. It’s your life force energy.

Bring your body back into balance, understand how the body functions, and honor your body. Religion has separated the body out. “The body is sinful, the body has desires, the body has hormones, and it’s going to lead you astray, and it senses your body is separate from your Spirituality. Spirituality embraces your body as part of that expression and a reflection of one of your four bodies.

The second is your emotional body. The physical body is the densest. You can touch it. The emotional is a little less dense. You can tell somebody’s mood by just looking at them. You can see it. It’s very fuzzy. You can feel it in the room. Emotions are dense, but they’re invisible. You can’t contain love. You can’t contain fear, but you can feel it, and you can feel the vibration in your body. You can feel the tightening of those emotions that are constrictive, and you can feel the expansion of those emotions that are expansive. Love, joy, happiness, peace, are much more tangible in the emotional body as opposed to the next level of your body.

Your third body is your mental body, your mind. The mind is made up of all of your thoughts and feelings. Your mind integrates your thinking and your feelings. But on the mental level, your thoughts are much easier to hide. Your mind is another step up, a higher vibration.

Your Mind Has Seven Components.

Your attitude and beliefs, attitude is feminine energy. The space and energy that supports your belief.  Your feelings and your thoughts are part of the makeup, the mind. And from those thoughts and feelings, you have choices available, and you make a decision.

Choices are feminine, the decision is masculine. You have all these possibilities, all these choices. What’s possible? It’s open and expansive. When you make a decision, it’s finalized. It’s an action. It’s a masculine trait. ‘I have decided.’
The word decision has at its root to decide, the origin of the word is death, ‘cide.’ Death, to kill off (homicide, suicide, etc.). What are you killing off? The other choices available to you, when you decide, you kill them off. Your other options are dead to you.

Beyond that is our Spiritual body, our Soul and Spirit, our very life force energy. The problem is for that life force energy to get to the physical body, it has to travel through the mind; your thoughts and feelings. And when we have attitudes, beliefs, chauvinism, fears, doubts, repression, negativity, judgment, control and all this negative mental clutter, the energy that flows through the mind to get to the body gets limited.  The body becomes listless and exhausted. Then you have to go get Starbucks in the middle of the afternoon. We drink so much caffeine just to get through the day. Look at the world around us. Do you think that coffee’s popular? Caffeine is an acceptable drug. Our whole society is cut off from their own life force energy.

You can clear out the negative energy within your mind. That’s the purpose of Soul-utions so much of it is all about working with your mind. It’s Spirituality, but it’s your relationship with it.

When you can get all four bodies into alignment, then you become vivacious, alive, and full of energy. You thrive in life and can easily lift out of struggle. You have all the power you need to get through the day. You sleep soundly at night because your mind is at peace. Insomnia is a sign of a troubled mind.

The four bodies are part of the understanding of my Spirituality. How do I relate to my physical body? Do I take care of it? Do I feed it? Do I give it nutrition? Do I exercise? What kind of foods do I eat?

Why do vegetarians always think that their diet is better than meat-eaters? Well, at least two very valid reasons. The first is when you eat vegetables and fruit, they still have life force energy in them. They have a Soul and Spirit; they have life force. You take fruit, cut it from the tree, or you eat vegetables cut from the source of the ground. The life force slowly withers until it rots. But it takes days, weeks to completely decay.

A butchered cow is dead. It’s just dead meat, and dead meat takes a lot more of your energy to process and digest. Your body has to break it down, and you’re not getting any energy from it. You’re getting filled, you’re getting some nutrients, but you’re not getting the life force energy because it’s gone. The cow’s dead.

However, when you eat a big salad, you’re not only getting lighter, easier to digest food, so your own energy is reserved, but you’re also absorbing the energy from the plant or from the fruit. The life force that they’re offering you.

I like to eat meat from time to time, but I don’t make a steady diet of it, and I balance it out and eat the salads every day. I love salad for lunch. I eat salad almost every day for lunch. Or for dinner, I have at least one big salad. I have a peach in the morning and avocado toast. I have lots of fruit because it gives me more energy. One way to honor your physical body is to balance it, so your body is more prepared to house the life force of your Soul and Spirit.

Basically, any emotions you are willing to express are positive emotions. Any feelings you are unwilling to express and that you depress, ignore and deny become negative. That determines your emotional state mentally. Believe that your thoughts have an impact.

What you are thinking throughout the day has an impact. When you talk to people and say, “I’m terrible at falling asleep at night. It’s so hard for me to fall asleep, and I always wake up. I’m a terrible sleeper,” that has an impact.
You keep telling your mind the same thing over and over. You keep having this thought, and it might be accurate, but you want to change it. You can’t change it until you adjust your thoughts about it. So you’ve got to stop saying to yourself, “I’m a terrible sleeper.” Say, “I’m learning to sleep better at night. I’m learning to sleep through the night.” If you get up in the middle of the night, say, “I’m learning. I’m getting better at it every day.” Tell your mind what you want, and your mind will make it happen, but you keep telling it what you don’t want. You can’t sleep at night because you are programming your mind for what you don’t want.

Change begins in the mind, and then it expresses through the body. Believe that your thoughts have power and impact. Or disempower your mind by ignoring and denying that power by saying, “It doesn’t matter what I think, doesn’t matter what happens. I can believe and say whatever I want. It doesn’t make any difference. My mind has no influence over my life.” Know that your thoughts have power and then know that your Soul and Spirit is always there as a resource.

As you express your feelings, as you clear your emotional body, as you dig up those old emotions that are covering your self-worth and self-respect, you can release the shame, the pain, the fears and all of the root emotions that are covering the worth that is already there.

Your Soul and Spirit exist. They are already there and 100% already worthy. But we block and diminish the energy from our mind. As we clear the mind, we feel our Soul and Spirit. We celebrate it, and we come alive.

First Key: Face your fears, feel them, and release them. Fear feeds upon ignorance and ignorance means to deny that you even have fear. Ignorance means to ignore. Think about it. Ignorance is to ignore. So we all have fear, and if you can face it, you can clear out that level of energy that is blocking you from your life force energy.

Fear captures your breath. Your breathing is tied to your metabolism, so your fire, your metabolism, is a fire that burns calories, right?

Our breath is that oxygen that the fire needs to keep it burning efficiently. It is essential to release your fears. Don’t ignore them. That keeps your fears alive. Write a list of things that you’re afraid of. Make a list to express them. Write it out, “Me and my fears,” and the fear gets an expression.
Relive in your mind the fears that you experienced in your childhood. Write them down. Clear that stuff out.

Second Key: Stop your judgments. Let go of judging and criticizing yourself and others. Judgments separate you. When we judge our feminine as less than, we separate ourselves from the resource of our passion, creativity, and our feminine power. Be conscious of your judgments.

What happens when you find yourself judging? How do you let go of it? You recognize it and acknowledge it, “Oh, there I go again. I’m judging. You acknowledge you’re the one doing it.

Don’t try to justify it, “Well, they deserved it, and they really are this way.” No, acknowledge it. Recognize, acknowledge, and forgive yourself.  Remind yourself, “I don’t want to keep doing this. This is blocking me from being connected with life. So I’m going to forgive myself and then let go and change.” That’s how you do it. You monitor yourself, and as your subconscious notices you’re doing that, it’s going to say, “Oh, time to stop judging.” It will stop being a knee-jerk response.

So the second step to unlock your Spiritual potential is to stop and let go of your judgments and criticisms. Instead, you need to think and feel, and from those thoughts and feelings begin to evaluate and develop opinions. That’s what the discernment is. A judgment is a lack of evaluation or opinion.

It is essential to evaluate, to think, and to feel. That’s called discernment. When you don’t judge, you discern. You evaluate, “Is this good for me? Is this the right person?” A Judgment says they’re bad and wrong. Discernment says, “This is not a good match where I am in my life. I won’t let this person in because this is not a good match. We’re not vibrating at the same frequency. I feel drained when I’m around them. They are always taking, always manipulative, always controlling, and dishonest. I can’t trust them.” So you’re not going to judge them about that. You’re going to discern that this is not a good match.

The Third Key: Look at your beliefs around struggle and see how they’re affecting you every day. If you believe that life has to be difficult, then it will be. If you believe life’s a bitch, then it will be. Whatever you believe life to be, it will conform to your belief system.

Struggle is a form of self-pity, feeling sorry for yourself. Work with your beliefs. There are resources on my website to learn how to do that. Your beliefs are just another way to align yourself to unlock your spiritual potential. So much of religion is about your beliefs. Believing there is a higher power, another source that is separate from me. My ego is not everything. Beliefs are a big part of our Spiritual Nature. Shake off the belief that God has to be only masculine if he’s going to be powerful and shake off that erroneous belief that everything in life except God is masculine or feminine.

Think about it. How ridiculous is that? Everything that God created, everything masculine and feminine, but God is only male? No, it’s an expression or reflection of the Divine. So there’s masculine and feminine in everything from the plant kingdom, to the animal kingdom, to the human domain. Believing that God is just masculine just doesn’t make sense. Stretch your belief systems. It might push buttons, but it’s going to bring you into balance to the truth. You know that, deep down inside.

The Fourth Key: Begin to care. Open up to compassion and caring. What does caring mean? There are two steps to being a caring person toward yourself and toward other people.

The first thing to do is to pay attention to the needs of someone or something, including yourself. Pay attention. You can ignore something by not caring for it. You can ignore your cat; you can ignore your plants, and they die. That’s the lack of care. The first step is to pay attention to.

The second thing is to give to help that plant, that animal, or yourself, to grow and to expand and to become more of itself. An Act of caring is both to pay attention and to give in such a way as to create greater security, integrate greater pleasure, and to help whatever it is, to grow and continue to become more. That’s an act of caring for yourself, to pay attention to your needs for security and to give in such a way that you feel greater security and greater pleasure.

When I went to the hot springs this weekend, it was a way for me to care for myself and bring myself pleasure for a few days. Just disconnect from all the noise, confusion, and the chaos of San Francisco to be where Nature is so beautiful. Where the Earth loves herself the most are the most Spiritual places of beauty.

Pay attention to your needs. Give to yourself the same as you give to your cat or your dog. You pay attention to their needs. You provide them with food. Why? So they can feel more secure, or feel greater pleasure, and they can grow and become more. That’s an act of caring.

It’s essential to define these words because people will use words as weapons. They may say, “Well, I just criticized you and judged you and treaded on your self-esteem because I care for you.” Really? That’s not an act of caring.

How do you define caring? People don’t always know what caring means. Because that’s not an act of caring. That’s an act of hostility. We don’t define these words. We think we know what they mean, but it’s important to clarify things.

That’s what I do with Soul-utions. I break things down, define them, and get to the root of the meaning so people can be conscious. Words are powerful.

The Fifth Key: Step in to embrace your power. Power is your ability to take action. Your ability to think and feel and out of those thoughts and feelings, take action. That’s all that power is.

The ego of the world defines power as intimidation. To have power over others to dominate, control, and manipulate. “Aren’t they powerful? Look how afraid I am around them. They must be powerful.” That’s not power. That’s ego. And it’s not based on real power. Power is your ability to act. Power is Feminine Energy. It’s not the action, it’s the ability. When you take action and do something with that power, it becomes a strength, which is Masculine Energy. You bring them together.

These are the five keys to unlock your spiritual potential. It is so important to begin to open up, expand, and be conscious. Think about these keys, work with them, and bring them into your daily life. You will discover and uncover that connection, that oneness, and that sense of wholeness with the Divine. However, you define it. I define it through my Soul and Spirit connected to the Divine Love of God-Goddess-All-That-Is.