How to Unlock Your Spiritual Power

How to Unlock Your Spiritual Power • Living Without Struggle

Michaiel's collection of empowering tips, tools, and techniques aligns your mind with your Soul's purpose, creativity, inner-wisdom, and empowered destiny. Discover the power that dwells within you and learn how to align your mind to access your true potential.

Is your heart opened or closed?
Discover the 7 Signs & Clues of a Person With an Open Heart
 Discover the 7 clues to know if you're functioning with an open heart.


 Four Secrets to Allow Greater Love in Your Life

 We use old-outdated definitions of love from the past that no longer work. These old definitions produce greater struggle and pain. Discover how to let more love into your life with four powerful secrets to lift your existing ideas into greater joy and freedom.

 How to Stop Being Afraid of Your Fear

Fear is a natural part of life. When it goes unattended or ignored, it putrifies into anxiety, frustration, and struggle. Fear is an uncomfortable feeling, but when we can understand its nature and its relationship to love, we can stop being afraid of it and escape the negative impact.


How to Access the Magic of Living in the Moment

What does it really mean to live in the moment? Michaiel explains what it is, how to know if you're doing it and offers several techniques to be able to successfully bring yourself into your point of power, which is to be conscious of the present moment. An easy way to improve your life fast.

A Powerful Key to Unlock a Positive Future

Our future is unknown. Most folks who learn about desiring a positive future are often told they shouldn't do it. They're often told to just 'live in the present moment' and let the future take care of itself. But it's really impossible to ignore our relationship with the future. It is vital to have a sense of motivation and purpose for living. In this podcast, you'll discover a powerful secret to open you up to the possibilities of creating a fantastic future.

The Missing Energy to Personal Empowerment & Fulfillment

Michaiel discusses the secret of establishing balance and harmony in our lives. We seek to balance the physical experiences of sleep, nutrition, work, etc. But this secret is about how to bring greater balance to the Self by discovering missing energy that is dormant within many folks. Once awakened, this energy can provide an inner balance that leads to personal empowerment and greater fulfillment.

What's Love Got to Do With It?

Many folks suffer by living a conditioned response they've been taught to believe necessary to be loving. To deny ourselves and to always put others' needs ahead of our own. This simply isn't an act of love but instead of martyrdom. We're taught that we are being selfish if we don't ignore our needs, but that couldn't be further from the truth. This short podcast can help open your heart to deeper, more fulfilling love in your life.

The Nature and Origin of the Divine (God-Goddess)

Most traditional religions often view only one expression of the Divine. This lack of understanding leads to struggling in life, greater pain, and, ultimately, a lack of human dignity. Everything in our physical world is a duality, an expression of opposites that emerge from the original source. Listen and learn how to deepen your spiritual connection with the Divine. 

Destiny: Following Your Path of Light

What is destiny? This live talk by Michaiel will help you gain a better understanding of the true nature of your destiny and how to achieve it. Destiny is your destination; it is where you are going into the future. Discover and resolve the paradox of how your destiny is both given and chosen. 


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