5 Metaphysical Secrets to Transform Your Life... Instantly!

In over three decades of exploring personal empowerment and conscious living, I've learned some pretty powerful lessons that have transformed my life. These lessons can expand your awareness and quickly change your perception of yourself and your life. When this happens, you will shift and lift your vibration instantly opening you to new possibilities and more positive experiences to flow into your life. 

1.) Take Responsibility for the Positive Events You've Created.  

How often do we think of responsibility as an obligation we must take when we've done something wrong. However, it's vitally important to take responsibility for what goes 'right' in your life as well. If you start thinking of responsibility as a gift that leads to greater freedom you'll be more willing to take it. You can only change something in your life that you're willing to be responsible for. Begin by owning the successes and beauty you've created in your life (friendships, achievements, home, etc.) and take responsibility for having created them.

Responsibility: It is your willingness and your ability to respond. For responsibility to be effective, you need both the ability AND the willingness to take it. 

You need to be able and willing to respond for responsibility to be taken. If you can't do both you can't take responsibility.

If you can't do both, you can't take responsibility. For example, let's say you are looking through a pair of binoculars at a nearby park and you see a young child playing with a dog near a road with traffic. The child runs after the ball that is rolling onto the street. You may be willing to respond, but you're not able to get there on time to do it. So you can't be responsible. However, if you're walking on the sidewalk a few feet from that child, you could be responsible by shouting to the child to stop running, and she could hear you.

Instead of thinking of responsibility as a burden, think of it as a gift. It is a transforming force of personal empowerment when you also take responsibility for the good and positive experiences in your life. 

Responsibility is your willingness and your ability to respond.
For responsibility to be effective, you need both the 
 AND the willingness to take it
- Michaiel

 You create your own reality; the beautiful and positive as well as the ugly and negative experiences and events in your life. You either create by consciously causing (i.e., visualizing, setting goals, taking action) or by unconsciously attracting  (holding negative beliefs, attitudes, thoughts and feelings that vibrate within you.) These ‘unconscious' creations feel as if it is happening to you.

You are responsible for everything that has happened in your life.  Make a list of all the beautiful experiences you've had. Review your friendships, health, lifestyle, and all the wonderful things that came, "out of the blue," and manifested into your life. You also created these experiences by attracting them and by enabling yourself to receive the good.

Trade Secret:
The quickest way to be responsible for the good in your life is through celebration. When you celebrate you are rejoicing in the good and taking responsibility for the wonderful events in your life. Celebration is a powerful act of creation and manifestation. An attitude of celebration and appreciation can be an easy way to take responsibility for the good things in your life.

2.) Allow for complexity rather than demand simplicity.

 You must think this is a typo and I meant to reverse the words, how can complexity be good for you? First of all, the word complex suggests intricate, detailed; it does not imply difficulty or struggle. Complexity requires you to be more conscious with your life. It promotes deeper thinking and provides the foundation for personal empowerment and positive growth.  

The primary reason to allow your life to be ‘complex' is because that is the true nature of living life as an adult.  Life is complex, it isn't simple, have you noticed?  The child inside of us wants everything to be simple. But if you are over the age of 12, then your life isn't simple anymore so stop resisting and begin to accept complexity as a natural part of being an adult. When you try to make your life simple, it ends up becoming much more difficult. 

We exhaust ourselves by demanding that life be simple when it isn't. It's like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole.  When you allow your life to be complex, it suddenly becomes much more comfortable to manage and handle. 

It is a paradox; the more complex you allow your life to be, the easier it becomes. Likewise, the simpler you try to make your life the more struggle you'll encounter.

The ego loves the simple answer. The answer to all of your problems can be summed up in a straightforward statement. Love yourself.  That is true and simple. So do that, and your life will change, however, I hope you'll agree that loving and understanding yourself, isn't simple, it is complex. The task of self-love requires a whole lot more than just saying the words, "I need to love myself more... tada!" 

Another good example. The simple answer to a "good" relationship is to never argue with the other person. That is simple, but very difficult because you have to put yourself in the position to deny your individuality and uniqueness to always agree with the other person all of the time. This simple answer will create a much more difficult relationship and eventually that relationship will fail. In the long run, you will resent the person and begin to sabotage it. 

Accept yourself and your life as a beautiful work of art, don't belittle yourself by trying to make yourself simple. Life is complex, you are intricate, beautiful and amazing. Complexity leads to an easier life because it is in alignment with truth.

3.) Learn to dance with chaos.

We judge chaos as evil and wrong, and we set up whole societies with laws, rules, and regulations to minimize confusion and that is a good thing. Admittedly, living chaotically 24/7 would be overwhelming and unproductive. 

Unfortunately, most people have developed a resistance to all chaos, and we have replaced it with control.  Being in control is good, and experiencing chaos is, or so we are conditioned to think/believe. The truth is you need to be willing to dance between the two to have a successful life. Often what is missing from people's lives that are most important to them can only be accessed by dancing with chaos. Passion, creativity, wisdom, and intimacy are some of the life experiences that require a certain amount of chaos to experience fully. Avoid chaos and have difficulty experiencing so much of what brings personal fulfillment into your lives.

All change produces chaos. To change something in your life, you must be willing to go through a period of chaos.  It is easier to see chaos with bad changes (i.e., getting divorced, losing a child or losing your job) but likewise, good changes also produce chaos. (i.e., getting married, having a child or starting a new career). Chaos isn't evil, it is a necessary part of being able to change.

Chaos isn’t evil, it is a necessary part
of being able to change. - Michaiel

Allow Yourself to Befriend Chaos Instead of Resisting It. 

- Learn to dance, take tennis lessons

- Develop a new routine for your workout

- Rearrange the furniture in your home

- Clean out a closet

Once you choose one of the changes from the list above. Notice as you start to feel the chaos emerge embrace it and relax into the chaos, trust yourself, breathe into it and you'll be amazed at how quick and fun you can learn new skills and create positive changes in your life.

When you bring fear into chaos, it changes the chaos into confusion and anxiety. When you bring love, trust, and understanding into chaos, it can lift into excitement and joy. How you relate to chaos determines the outcome of the changes you desire to make.

4.) End Your Tug-of-War Between Fear and Love. 

 You've heard a "half" truth, it goes something like this, "Love is the absence of fear," "You can't feel love and fear at the same time."  Sounds good and it is a simple answer, but the truth is that love is a complex emotion and is the only emotion that seeks to understand your fear. Love can heal and transform your fear into value. In our world of duality, love has its own shadow, it is the fear of loss.  The more you love someone or something, the more you fear losing it. 

Most people are so afraid of fear that they take a short cut and decide to resist love because they fear they may get hurt, disappointed, etc. This allows fear to diminish your ability to love.  When you understand that love has its own fear to deal with, then you can let it be part of the equation. It is only love that has the power to transform fear. 

The next time you feel fear around issues of love, you can make a conscious choice to say to yourself, "OK, fear I feel you, but I am not going to stop loving!" When you commit to love in the face of fear something magical happens. You become more empowered, and your ability to love and be more intimate with others deepens. Fear has a purpose, it is there to show you what really matters to you in life. When you are afraid of losing someone or something, aren't you really telling yourself how important that person or thing is to you?

Focus on loving, if and when fear surfaces, don't run from the love. Instead, challenge yourself to plunge full force with love and watch how quickly it transforms fear into value. When you love in spite of fear, you empower yourself and reduce the anxiety, thus creating a complex relationship between love and fear. This complexity can provide a monumental leap forward in your ability to love more deeply and can actually transform your fear into power.

5.) Stop Judging Your Emotion Nature by Defining Your Feelings as Good or Bad!

As children, we learned to define positive emotions like love, happiness, peace, gratitude and joy, and negative emotions as anger, fear, guilt, shame, pain, and loneliness. The way emotions feel, and function is the root of these categorizations. It is true that all feelings either expand or contract, depending on their nature. 

"Positive" emotions are expansive in nature and allow us to relax and feel greater freedom. Likewise, the typically labeled "negative" emotions constrict, pull in and feel tight. They often signal that something is out of balance in your life, like the warning lights on your car's dashboard, telling you to slow down and check under the hood. This is an excellent thing to have available and isn't negative.

The problem arises when we judge and label our emotions as positive (good), or negative (bad). Feelings aren't negative or bad, they can all become positive resources to help guide and direct your life. 

I define "negative emotions" by the way you relate to them. Any emotion (expansive or constrictive) that you refuse to feel, that you ignore, deny or distract yourself from and/or repress and harbor becomes negative.  Even love and gratitude that you refuse to feel, ignore or repress will grow into a negative experience. Emotions are meant to be felt and dealt with, not ignored and denied.

Negative Emotions are ANY Feeling That You:

1.) Refuse to Feel, (Ignore)

2.) Deny or Distract Yourself From Feeling

3.) Repress (Depress) 

4.) Harbor and Hold Onto

Positive Emotions are ANY Feeling That You:

1.) Seek to Understand

2.) Are Willing to Feel and Heal

3.) Express Honestly and Responsibly

4.) Release and Let Go (Forgiveness)

When you begin to honor and respect your feelings both expansive and contracting you can open an avenue of information that can guide you out of confusion, self-doubt and into the arena of understanding, confidence, and deeper motivation. Learn to value both, and you will open yourself to greater self-empowerment. 

These Five Lessons Can Quickly Change Your Life! 


When you change the way you relate to chaos, complexity, love and fear, and your emotional nature, miraculous . It all begins by remembering to take responsibility for your life and to celebrate all of the good things you've created in your life so far.

You’ll be surprised at how easy your life can become when you stop insisting on the ‘simple answer’ and let yourself go into details and intricacy of complexity. You can save yourself thousands of dollars by changing the way you relate to your emotions. Repressed emotions are the cause of depression, anxiety, and negativity you attract to yourself and are the source of many other dysfunctional states of mind.

Learn to honor all of your feelings as messengers and deal with releasing the constricting ones. You will quickly empower yourself and your life to begin moving beyond struggle as you incorporate these five truths into the way you live your life on a daily basis. - Michaiel

With Eternal Joy and Appreciation,

Michaiel Patrick Bovenes

© Copyright 2019 by Soul-utions Spirituality