Sweatshirt• Heart of Hope for the Age of Aquarius • Soul-utions


Keep warm when your heart is open and you are showing the world that you're welcoming the age of Aquarius, with renewed hope for the future.

Our hoodies are made from a 75% cotton / 25% polyester blend and are available in five different sizes.   All hoodies are machine washable.

Origin of the Heart of Hope
(Age of Aquarius Symbol)


Symbol of Renewed Hope • 

This beautiful, magical symbol came to Michaiel in meditation in December 2019 as the world was floundering in chaos with little to no hope for the future.

"It's about restoring hope in our world
as we enter this new age of Aquarius."
• Michaiel •

"I've never seen this anywhere before, except in my mind. I feel like it's a fresh download from the Universe welcoming in the New Age of Aquarius as well as a key to returning to wholeness. The meaning was also crystal clear the second it dropped into my mind." -Michaiel

This symbol is about returning to wholeness. When we unify opposites (Feminine and Masculine), we can create a balance to open our heart to a new paradigm of Diversity • Wholeness • Oneness • Miracles • Love • Dominion • World Peace • Joy

(Symbol of Hope Designed and Copyrighted 2020 by Michaiel Patrick Bovenes)