How to Transform Your Fears About the Future

One of the greatest obstacles we encounter in life is our natural instinctive  fear of the future. Fear has always been surging in the hearts and minds of man. The unknown (the future) has always threatened our ego with chaos and self-doubt, producing restlessness, anxiety, and even insomnia. 

It is essential to decide what you are going to do with your fear of the future. Left unattended, it will influence what you attract and manifest. You can learn to transform its energy into a positive future where you can fulfill your dreams and desires. The choice is yours to make. Both futures exist for everyone, the nightmare and the dream. Whichever you give your attention and energy too will be what manifests.

Fear thrives on ignorance. Our ego will do everything to try and avoid and distract ourselves from fear. Our mind is trained to move away from pain and uncomfortable situations and try to find pleasure. What keeps our fears alive is when we deny we have it, distract ourselves from it, avoid it at all costs and refuse to feel it.

Fear isn’t negative in and of itself. It is trying to protect you. How you handle your fear determines if it is positive or negative. When you ignore it, refuse to feel it and be responsible for having it, it can paralyze you and hold you back. However, if you recognize you have fear, own it, and take your power back from it, it can be a guide to a more empowered future. To successfully do this, you must seek to understand your fear. The nature of love seeks to understand someone or something. As you try to understand your fears rather than running from them, you shed the light of love and understanding into your fear patterns, and they begin to change and heal.

In the face of fear, we often forget we always have a choice on how we are going to deal with it. You can become more conscious of your choices. Being mindful of your choice is the core of accessing your power. Many people will wait and see what the future holds (crossing their fingers and holding their breath) this comes from a belief that they are powerlessness and not powerful enough to guide their futures into the direction they desire. We all have been taught and conditioned to believe this from our childhood experiences.

An empowered person doesn't wait to see what the future holds, they focus their mind on a future vision and begin to imagine "what could go right." What future vision do you own in your mind? If you don't have one, then the anxiety of the unknown can feed and keep your fears alive. It is vital to begin thinking, imagining, and feeling the promise of a future that is positive. For that is where all positive creation and peace of mind begins.

Nothing exists in this world without first being in someone's imagination. In many ways, your imagination is the birth canal of everything that exists. Think about it. The shirt you're wearing, the computer monitor you're looking at; had to be in the imagination of someone before it could be created. The same is true with your future, it always begins in your imagination. Refusing to imagine your future is a way to remain powerless and to create added stress.

Both positive and negative futures loom upon the horizon, and it's up to you to dismantle your potential negative futures and energize the positive ones. Unfortunately, fear is easier to imagine. It takes more effort to imagine a positive future.Most people are fixated on negativity and attempting to avoid it at the same time.

Avoidance doesn't resolve your personal negativity. It only augments it. The ego likes the "simple answer" and will run and hide from anything negative or unpleasant erroneously thinking it is "being positive." Avoidance is always born of fear.

Love on the other hand, seeks to understand your fears and personal negativity. It is only with love that you can begin the transformation process. This approach genuinely resolves your fear of the future and can give birth to greater self-empowerment.

How to Change the Course of Your Future From Negative to Positive:

1. Set your intention. I'm going to face my fears and take my power back from them so i can align myself to a positive and vibrant future of love and success.

2. Write about your negative (dark) future. The most hideous and negative future you can imagine. Think about it. What are your greatest fears about the future? What adverse events could possibly happen to you? Homelessness, cancer, betrayal, abandonment, humiliation? Think about what your negative ego has as its fear-based future. When you refuse to feel your fear, it often feeds your anxiety. Bring it into consciousness, and then you can take your power back.

3. Write about your positive (light) future. What is your personal dream? What is the most positive future you can imagine? Expand the possibilities in your mind and imagination. How could greater love manifest in your life? Think about creating more joy, peace, and success in your life. What kind of relationships will you have? Career? Financial security? Spiritual fulfillment? Open your mind and dream of the possibilities.

4. Unplug the negative and activate the positive future. This third step is a meditative technique. Close your eyes and imagine a bubble hovering in front of you. It appears like a giant crystal ball and holds within it the energy of the negative future that you fear. Look inside and imagine your fears manifesting, and everything goes wrong. Feel the anxiety, fear, and panic. Feel the sorrow and pain. What you can feel you can heal. Get involved emotionally, and when you can't stand it anymore; Say out loud, "NO! I refuse to create this reality! I am now taking my power back from this future."

5. Imagine the future growing weaker and falling apart.  You have dismantled the foundation in your mind.  It is crumbling and breaking apart. Because that is exactly what you've done-energetically. Conscious choice is the foundation of all positive change. When you consciously choose to take your power back from the negative, you begin to reinforce the positive future you desire. 

6. Empower your positive future. While still in meditation, imagine you are popping that dark bubble (having gathered your power from it). In your mind, create another shimmering bubble filled with light, joy, and hope (positive future). Step into this bubble and imagine the most beautiful, successful, positive, and loving future you can muster in your mind. Imagine you have resolved all of your adverse problems and are joyously living your destiny. You don't have to visualize the details. But you do need to feel and receive the energy of this future.

7. Connect with your future self. Imagine that you are now stepping inside of this bubble and connecting with your future self. Imagine how you like to be in the future; confident, trusting, abundant, happy, prosperous, and at peace. You don't need to know the details of what you will be "Doing" as much as deciding how you are going to be "Being." I want to BE happy, free, empowered, and vibrant.

Consciously choose your state of being first and allow the form (details) to manifest in alignment with your destiny. Don't wait and see what future is going to unfold. Both potentials, the positive and negative are possible. Choose the positive by unplugging the negative. Whichever future you hold with greater intensity will be the future that manifests. Choice is always available. Now  you know how to make a powerful choice and begin resolving your fear of the future once and for all!

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